Australian Music Examination Board

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Australian Music Examination Board


What does AMEB Rockschool offer their students? Rockschool offers contemporary musicians graded music exams from beginner level all the way up to diplomas. The syllabuses are created for contemporary students by contemporary music professionals and help prepare students for working in the industry.

Describe a typical AMEB student? Anyone can pick up a book and learn the Rockschool songs and anyone can take an exam and get qualified. We have kids as young as seven, high school kids and we have adults picking up their instruments and wanting to get acknowledgment for their training and achievements. 

What skills do you teach specific to your industry? The Rockschool syllabus teaches contemporary music, techniques and music theory. To be a session musician or a producer or a useful band member, you need to be able to read music, understand chords and harmony and also know how other contemporary instruments work. Rockschool teaches all those things right from the beginning.

How do your teachings influence positive change? At last kids who want to play contemporary instruments can get a qualification equal to their classically-trained peers.  A Rockschool award is internationally recognised across 45 countries and will also help towards university entry and high school points across Australia. 

What’s some exciting AMEB news you’d like to share? AMEB recently held the first Rockschool Music Production exam in Australia. Emanuele Mamo from Victoria (already a well-established producer, singer and teacher) took his eighth grade exam and passed with Distinction.