An inspired month of musical exploration: Melbourne Recital Centre shines a light on the unique this September

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An inspired month of musical exploration: Melbourne Recital Centre shines a light on the unique this September

Words by Luke Carlino

Travel the musical world from the comfort of the Primrose Potter Salon thanks to Melbourne Recital Centre’s diverse September line-up.

Get set to push some musical boundaries this September at Melbourne Recital Centre. From the sounds of Latinpop to ancient Persian stories and the rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church, you can find a range of highly talented musicians taking you to other worlds with magical storytelling. 

Some of the finest local up-and-comers in the world of chamber music and interpretative musical exploration present unique works tailored specifically for these upcoming performances, so read on to decide which acts tickle your explorative fancy!

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Pal Mar – The Sounds of Tropical Latinpop

  • Saturday 2 September, 7pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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Fans of tropical Latinpop will want to catch Pal Mar, a five-piece band that brings the rhythm across a range of Colombian genres. From pop to Latin, bossa nova and tropical, the group’s skills and cultural background will be on display as they share their original works in this percussion-heavy, contemporary exploration of the region’s musical traditions.

Started by Isabella and Juan Pablo in 2019 after completing their studies at the EMMAT School of Music, Pal Mar and their friends will serenade you with songs from their EP Rua and much more.

​​ELISION – The Table of Knowledge

  • Saturday 9 September, 7:30pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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ELISION is a multifaceted ensemble that offers a musical odyssey offering a contrabass solo inspired by the French medieval garden of the Cistercian Abbey of Royaumont in Asnières-sur-Oise. This particular garden is full of psychotropic and poisonous plants that make up a hallucinogenic brew known as witches’ flying ointment – so things may get a little weird.

ELISON’S sonic imaginations feature percussion, harp and contrabass and many more instruments to create alternative folk music and works from some of the greatest composers to ever exist. 

Toranj with Fine Blue Thread – Resonance & Rhythm

  • Saturday 12 September, 6pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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Take a musical exploration through thousands of years of Persian history at Toranj with Fine Blue Thread. This group of highly skilled musicians bring together a range of traditional Persian instruments for original compositions inspired by the traditions of Indian, Javanese and Western music.

With a sound that is haunting, uplifting and intimate, Fine Blue Thread and Toranj’s richly textured music tells stories of passion, grief and joy that will tickle every emotional string you have inside of you.

Eliza Shephard – The Words Themselves

  • Saturday 15 September, 7:30pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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Eliza Shephard is the winner of ABC’s Young Performer of the Year and will combine music, literature and dance led by her trademarked experimental flute techniques for The Words Themselves. This mix of music and spoken word will also feature soprano Judith Dodsworth and pianist Peter de Jager, with the trio diving into a range of unique stories. Expect a captivating night of art and energy unlike any other.

Syzygy Ensemble – Divine Inspiration

  • Saturday 20 September, 6pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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Chamber music is given a modern tinge thanks to Syzygy Ensemble, who have one goal with their Divine Inspiration performance; to make you happy. Syzygy explores pleasure and purpose via ancient castles, the seasons, and the rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Syzygy Ensemble are the recipients of Melbourne Recital Centre’s Contemporary Masters Award and have given critically-acclaimed performances of Schoenberg, Messiaen and more. Their latest work is large, chaotic, and truly an experience to behold.

Xani – Xani Makes

  • Saturday 23 September, 8pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
  • Get tickets here


Xani’s new surround sound solo violin experience is her first work after winning Best Musician at the 2022 Music Victoria Awards. She has been on a huge upward swing since her genre-hopping breakout with The Twoks over a decade ago. Veefing up the violin with electronic effect pedals and live looping, her improvised live sets in surround sound are exceptionally impressive.

Xani Makes is a new improvised, long-form instrumental with dense layers of affected sound that is crafted in the moment. Inspired by space, relativity and the pursuit of dark matter, Xani offers her own explanation of the particles that mystify scientists via a powerful sound that will only be experienced once.

Tamara Kuldin & Matt Boden with Callisto Strings – Heart Strings 

  • Saturday 29 September, 7pm
  • Primrose Potter Salon
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Jazz and classical are given the cinematic treatment thanks to Tamara Kuldin & Matt Boden with Callisto Strings, who will pull songs from the Great American Songbook, Bacharach and beyond.

Callisto Strings have performed chamber music at concerts, festivals and events around Melbourne, combining the lush melodic landscapes of cinematic composer Matt Boden and jazz vocalist and storyteller Tamara Kuldin. This evening of music reinvents the songs you know and love to ensure your heartstrings are sufficiently tugged. 

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This article was made in partnership with Melbourne Recital Centre.