Alexander Biggs proved just how bright his future is at a sold out Gasometer Hotel

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Alexander Biggs proved just how bright his future is at a sold out Gasometer Hotel


Alexander Biggs sold out the Gasso upstairs and if the crowd’s reception is anything to go by, sold out shows will become something of a habit for Mr Biggs.

BATTS opened the night, her angelic voice and quirky humour winning over the rapidly filling room. Playing unaccompanied, BATTS wowed the audience with her honest vocals and guitar strums between little snippets of stories that inspired each tune. There was also a little segue about the shingles she was seamlessly powering through. What a champ.

Alexander Biggs took to the stage with his boy next door swagger and charm, before serenading the crowd with his wares. The press of people tried hard to get a good vantage point and created a lot of heat in the process. With a talented band backing him up on many of the tracks, Biggs also got a little chatty between songs and offered some honest and often raw anecdotes around the inspirations for each track.

Song three rolled around as he asked if many people had streamed his single Tidal Wave, the hoots and hollers that answered gave a resounding ‘yes’ from all in attendance and its live performance went down well. Biggs thanked the crowd before praising them for ‘putting up with [his] Aussie mannerisms’ which then led to a brief announcement of the very recent signing of his contract with Sony. Obviously chuffed, he then attempted to divert the adoration as he exclaimed ‘how cool is that? There’s a disco ball,’ and the fans lapped it up.

Gazing into said disco ball, glances of a not too distant future came into focus. Alexander Biggs with his musical stylings and endearingly blokey persona, will charm the pants off many more folks happy to accommodate his Aussie mannerisms. Go get ‘em mate.

Words by Asha Collins

Image by Michael Woods

Highlight: Disco ball and banter.

Lowlight: The moistness due to all the bodies.

Crowd FavouriteTidal Wave.