Airileke : Weapon Of Choice

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Airileke : Weapon Of Choice


Papua New Guinean and Australian producer extraordinaire Airileke Ingram has created an incredibly eclectic and electrifying album that fuses traditional Melanesian sounds with an innovative selection of modern beats and samples. The album features talented musicians such as the drumming group Paluai Sook Sook from Rock Island and vocals from artists such as Wanchef, Telek, The Rumwaropen Sisters and MC Dadiigii. Highlights include the volcanic Death Metal Jungle which manages to incorporate an orchestral sample from Stravinsky’s The Rite Of Spring and a suitably apocalyptic sample of those mischievous eardrum-annihilators Cannibal Corpse, the mysterious and deeply atmospheric Dolphin which features chants from the Chambri Lakes in Sepik province and Simbu Province and the pumping Jump Outa Babylon which is propelled by chunky, addictive rhythms and adrenalised by dexterous vocals. As with all releases on the Wantok label Weapon Of Choice is a top-notch album worthy of your immediate attention.


Best Track: Death Metal Jungle

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In A Word: Innovative