A list of Melbourne’s best ramen restaurants that aren’t Shop Ramen

A list of Melbourne’s best ramen restaurants that aren’t Shop Ramen

Image by Matthew Hamilton
Words by Gabriela Caeli Sumampow

From Shujinko to Hakata Gensuke and Yoku Ono, these ramen restaurants are the cream of the crop.

Let’s face it, Melbourne’s got unpredictable weather. While a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate helps to beat the chills, and maybe a cold cup of bubble tea and juice can beat the heat, they’re not addressing those hunger pains.

Enter ramen – the dish you can turn to when you’re either hot or cold. Ramen packs a punch, offering plenty of nutrients to fill up your belly. And when it comes to Melbourne’s ramen scene, the city boasts some of the most authentic franchises hailing directly from Japan, so don’t let the high prices kill your spirits – it’s always worth the splurge.

Whether you want to be one with Melbourne’s summer heat, or beat the unpredictable chills, slurp up some piping hot (or cold!) ramen in some of these fine Melbourne restaurants.

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Established in 1970, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen specialises in chikuho noodles, tonkotsu broth, gyoza and chashu roast pork. If you dare, the Russell Street restaurant has a selection of spicy noodles to challenge yourself with. The restaurant also offers a wide range of izakaya-style dishes, vegetarian options, rice bowls and slow cooked marinated pork ribs to share.

Located at 27 Russell St, Melbourne CBD. More info here.

Hakata Gensuke

This iconic ramen franchise has four outlets around Melbourne in Russell Street, Hawthorn, QV Centre and Carlton. Choose from their signature tonkotsu, their Black Tori Ramen, or God Fire for the adventurous. With three slices of pork belly (or chicken, at the QV outlet), bamboo shoots, spring onions and a secret blend of “Spicy Fire” in a tonkotsu broth, you’ve got yourself the signature Hakata Gensuke experience.

Located at four locations around Melbourne. Find out more here.


IPPUDO specialises in their signature Shiromaru Motoaji ramen, a tonkotsu-based ramen bowl with pork loin chashu, flavoured black fungus and bean sprouts. Add their signature secret dashi, miso paste and garlic oil, and you’ve got their Akamaru Shinaji. The Karaka-Men is also another variant of the Shiromaru Motoaji, boasting a special spicy minced pork miso and roasted cashews to garnish.

Find IPPUDO at 18-22 Artemis Lane at QV Melbourne in the CBD. More info here.


Australia’s first 24-hour ramen restaurant, Shujinko is leading the way when it comes to bringing Tokyo’s nightlife to Melbourne. With multiple outlets around the CBD and one in Glen Waverley, Shujinko’s specialty is in tonkotsu ramen – serving it with bok choy, spring onion, bean sprouts, marinated egg and their signature grilled pork belly.

Shujinko has more than one location in Melbourne. Find out more about the restaurant here.

Mugen Ramen

Specialising in tsukemen, Mugen Ramen brings anti-mainstream ramen together with Japanese tapas (or as they call it, Japas), and a wide variety of Japanese beers, saké, and liqueur. Some of their out-of-the-ordinary Japas include tsukune (grilled chicken skewers with an egg yolk dip), and Pipi-Sake Mushi (fresh pipies braised with garlic, saké, butter and soy sauce).

Find Mugen Ramen at 11 Bligh Place, Melbourne CBD. More info here.

Yoku Ono

From hot bowls of Yoku Ono ramen, miso broth and tan tan sesame ramen, to chilled ramen with pork, fried tofu or fresh tuna sashimi, Yoku Ono Ramen & Sake Bar also serves a wide variety of Japanese alcohol. Whether it’s Japanese beer, cider, whiskey or saké, or a selection of cocktails and wines – they’ve got the booze to spice up your meal.

Yoku Ono’s at 6A Anchor Place, Prahran. More info here.

Ajisen Ramen

Another ramen franchise hailing directly from Japan, Ajisen Ramen’s menu spans rice dishes, Japanese bentos, entrees and, you named it, ramen – with tonkotsu broth as the base for all its variants. Enjoy it with spare ribs, chicken karaage, gyoza, beef or even a crunchy slice of pork cutlet – and if you’re adventurous, take on their spicy Volcano ramen.

Located at various spots around Melbourne. Find out more here.

Mr Ramen San

A ramen chain hailing all the way from Hakata, Japan, Mr Ramen San is located on Bourke Street in the CBD. Its main menu lets you mix and match your own ramen. Choose between roasted pork, teriyaki roasted pork, beef, spicy chicken or seafood for the protein – and tonkotsu, shoyu, miso or spicy tonkotsu for its broth. Mr Ramen San is also one of the few restaurants that offers a Japanese hot pot.

Located at 12a/200 Bourke St in the CBD. Check it out here.

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