You’ll be jumping over the moon this June at the Toff: the CBD’s late night hero

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You’ll be jumping over the moon this June at the Toff: the CBD’s late night hero

The Toff

It's all happening here at The Toff in Town, a haven for the finer things in life, just a flight of stairs above the city streets.

The masterminds at The Toff have us prepped for a bit of a trip, with an assemblage of international and local talent that’s sure to keep you boogying, laughing, swashbuckling and singing along until the sun comes up.

They like to do things a little off-kilter at The Toff, each month just a little crazier than the last, with June par for the course. Whether it be pounding club nights, slick futuristic jazz, cross-cultural music exchanges, indie-rockers, or drag pirates – there’s more than meets the eye at The Toff, and with so many choices, it’ll have you feeling dizzy.

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A post shared by TEYMORI (@teymori_music)

  • Saturday, June 1st
  • With Horatio Luna, DJ JNETT and Taijae
  • Buy tickets here.

Melbourne’s own Teymori takes to the stage at the Toff for the very first time this June. An alias for producer Amin Payne, Teymori is an avenue for an exploration into a unique brand of organic house, taking elements of funk, afro, soul, and jazz, and in turn, flipping their conventions on their heads. Each performance is as dynamic as the last, taking us to soaring peaks and deep, deep valleys with a mixture of esoteric samples and live instrumentation for an experience like no other. Supported by Bass-virtuoso Horatio Luna, as well as DJ JNETT and Taijae.

Broadway Unplugged

  • Monday, June 3rd
  • Buy tickets here.

Put on your dancing shoes and cure those Monday blues, for the Toff has procured its very own personal slice of the 1940s (only the good bits, don’t worry). As these cats take to the stage, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking they’d just stepped out of a time machine, and the dedication shows in spades. While a full-scale Broadway production would be hard to pull off on such a small stage (however amusing it would be), Broadway Unplugged does a stellar job of bringing some of the most iconic musical numbers from the golden age of musical theatre to life, with a rotating cast of emerging talents from across the country making it all possible. An homage to when things were a little softer around the edges.

Baile Do Pivete

  • Saturday, June 8th
  • Featuring EGS ,Yuri, Lixxxtrado, Lorena Lee, Pivete loro, Walla C
  • Buy tickets here.

Hosted by Naarm-based Brazillian music collective Tamo Junto, Bailo Do Pivete will be one of those nights that could go either way. What is certain though is that the Toff will get on like a house on fire, as its halls will fill with beats all the way from Brazil, ranging from funk, soul, boogie and the most dutty of riddems. We guarantee you’ll be shaking what your mama gave you long after the night is over, even if you can’t remember why.


  • Sunday, June 9th
  • Dance by: Orphanz, GoodBoysClub, Adam hedo, Lord Niue, Spirit bomb ,Bee, Jumi, Patti Chibi, Mikee Carlo & Jamane ,Gustavo Pulanco
  • Sounds by: ISA (DJ), Token (DJ + MC), Glow, honeydew, Antagonize (DJ), jbn
  • Buy tickets here.

After an unprecedented response over in Auckland, DOSA DOPA has chosen to descend upon Naarm this time around. With an absolutely star-studded lineup, Outta POKKET (Aotearoa) has consolidated some of the most standout dance troupes and DJs from all over Oceania. This will be a night that celebrates excellence in expression amongst artists from the region, covering a wide range of styles, flavours and tempos over the course of one fateful night. With over 10 groups set to take over, there’s bound to be something that’ll get that derriere moving. Even the most rhythm-averse amongst us are sure to have a good time.

Kraken Open a Cold One


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A post shared by Randy Roy (@randyroydrag) 

  • Friday, June 14th
  • Hosted by Randy Roy
  • Buy tickets here.

Swashbuckling can get pretty lonely, even for the most hardened of buccaneers. That loneliness could damn near compel a pirate to walk the plank. But, as any reputable seadog knows, sometimes the best company you can get is that of your crew…

Grab your first mate and get those matelotage papers signed, Captain Randy Roy is putting together a ragtag band of merry seafarers, and they’re setting sail this June! Strap yourselves in and brace yourselves for a night of debauchery and nautical nonsense as these lavender looters guide you along the gangway and into the hold, where the sea shanties are loud and ale flows freely. Indulge in legends from the golden age of piracy before showing off your sea legs, strutting your stuff along the poop-deck with the likes of Bruno Salsicce, Belial B’Zarr, Justin Sider, Pompey Fress, Justin Teliqure, and Basil Bush. There’s not been this much skulduggery in one place since Black Beard first set sail, and it’s very likely there won’t be ever again. Arghhhhhhhh!

Sketch002: Dusty and Crew (NZ)

  • Saturday, June 15th
  • Featuring Dusty, Forward Stance, Habits, Misc, Sheboy, Urgency and Windu.
  • Buy tickets here.

On the 21st, the Toff will become a church of sorts, dedicated to the gospel that is the riddem. The altar the sound system, the servers the selectors, the preachers the artists, and their god, the bass. Sketch002 brings a sound system of bona fide disk jockeys from across the pond, and they have chosen the Toff as their new place of worship. For one night only, Sketch002 will be shaking the very foundations of the Toff, challenging the status quo and dishing out a sonic assault for 7 hours straight with one of the most monstrous hi-fi systems in Melbourne. Any self-respecting bassline junkie will be there, and that includes you too.

Now. Here. This.


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  • Every Tuesday
  • Free Entry
  • Jazz from 11;30

One of the highlights of the Toff’s roster of acts, Now.Here.This. is easily one of the most valuable pieces of the music scene in Melbourne. The collective strives to build a community driven by passion and love for the music, aiming to capture the spectacle of improvised jazz with musicians from all walks of life, whether they be local or from all corners of the globe. Week after week, punters line up along Swanston Street, each as eager as the last. The air is electric, and each band member takes to the stage, figures revered like professional fighters, and the display that follows can only be described as a sport. Truly hair-raising stuff.

Jazz and Jaffles

  • Every Thursday

Every Thursday night, the Toff hands the reigns off to Moor Music’s Jazz and Jaffles, an opportunity to distance oneself from the stresses of adult life, and indulge in nostalgia for a more carefree time in our lives. Curating some of the finest in jazz, an expected perfect pairing that’s sure to make your inner eight-year-old jiggle in their seat, tinned spaghetti all over your face. Sink your teeth into crispy morsels that will transport you back to your childhood kitchen table, and sip away at milo cocktails as the maestros on stage conjure up grooves that would make Bootsy Collins blush.


  • Friday nights

A Friday night full of nothing but 90s hits and house party tunes. While June’s incredible selectors are yet to be confirmed, May went off with Mizhap, No Era and Hijack behind the decks and Mizhap will be there again on June 31. So, if you’re into the hottest hits of the 90s and naughties, pop, RNB and more, then this is the place.

Rhythm Express

  • Every Saturday

Once again, DJ JNETT has decided to grace us all with her presence, putting together something special to keep your Saturday nights booked out this June. Known for her work on ABC’s Recovery and at, she’s certainly kept herself busy; spinning wax by night across Melbourne by night, and helming the famed Central Station Records by day, expect a selection of tunes and tracks wholly worthy of the reputation that precedes her. Oh yeah, it’s all coming together now.

4H – Festival de Hip Hop Habla Espanol

  • Friday, June 21st
  • Spanish Speaking Hip Hop Festival
  • Buy tickets here.

On the 21st, the Toff will transform into a nightclub straight out of Central America, fiesta that you’ll be sure not to miss. Making their way across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over 3 nights, 4H will make sure each is as memorable as the last. An underappreciated sect of the rap landscape, Latin artists have had an undeniable influence on western hip hop, and credit is rarely given where it is due. Interest is surging though, and with events like this on the horizon, it’s safe to say that the music is in safe hands – get ready to journey to far off lands and embrace your love/hatred for tequila as we dance the night away, in style.

Tickets are moving extremely fast, so get in before they’re all gone!


  • Saturday, June 22nd
  • Buy tickets here.

Like a sun-bleached and blasted-out ford falcon on its very last legs, Barr-nun are finally making their way down to from Wagga Wagga this June, playing a set of two shows in Naarm for the first time! This will be the second of the pair, the first at Bar Open up in Fitzroy on the 1st of the month. Bringing their own high-energy flavour of Aussie indie down south. It’s sure to be a good time, especially if you love sinking pints and chomping down on chiko rolls at your local chippie as much as these guys do. They’re being supported by Surf Funk masters The Dahlias and newcomers Call Nan.


  • Saturday, June 22nd

Do you believe that you were built for something greater than this? Do you feel as though you were built with some grand directive in mind? Many spend their entire lives searching for that special something, their purpose and reason to be put on this earth,  but it’s all very scary isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if this sort of thing could be solved with just a couple of clicks, a swanky outfit and a stroll down to the Toff? Decadence has you covered, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to submit yourself to the power of dance. Instructions are as follows: disco -> move body to disco -> ??? -> happy and fulfilled. It all makes sense if you think about it really.

Elena Gabrielle

  • Friday, June 28th
  • Tickets here

One of Australia’s best-kept secrets is making her way down to the Toff this June. Since making her meteoric rise on social media and establishing herself in comedy canon, Gabrielle has been making people laugh the world over with her unique style of observational comedy and storytelling. This time she will be navigating the loss of someone special, in turn embarking on an ‘eat pray love’ style adventure to ease a broken heart. It’ll be smiles for miles and sore bellies aplenty at this show, and we may yet convince her to move back home in the process. Can’t hurt to try, can it?

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