‘You don’t go into the music festival industry if you like sleeping’: Enamoured Iris sacrifice life’s comforts to produce incredible festival content

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‘You don’t go into the music festival industry if you like sleeping’: Enamoured Iris sacrifice life’s comforts to produce incredible festival content

Enamoured Iris
Words by Jacob McCormack

Enamoured Iris advertise themselves as an ideas factory, and they are indeed a creative content house that specialise in video production and social marketing.

But in their content, they challenge the conventions of the medium, a pursuit fuelled by their dedication to experimentation and refinement of expertise.

They have just released a video that introduces the work they do, a way of working that might seem absurd to the average person. The video is entitled: AAA – Festival Pass and it follows Enamoured Iris whilst they attended six festivals during summer 2022/23, all of which involved making 80,000 shots to create the groundbreaking content they aspire to.

However, in order to achieve this Enamoured Iris are constantly making sacrifices that to the average person might seem irrational. The demands that are wedded to these sacrifices see them sleeping as little as 2 hours a night in the fray of a festival and walking upwards of 80 kilometres over the course of a four day festival.

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“Nothing can really prepare you for filming a festival,” says Paddy, creative director. “You’re walking upwards of 80 kilometres, 80 to 100 kilometres for a four day, five day festival. For those four days I was carrying a gimbal, a five and a half kilogram camera unit.

“The training is the first festival and that’s usually in October. You get a rude wakeup call in the middle of October when you’ve got to do 12 hours carrying an incredibly heavy piece of equipment and then you realise that you’ve got to get your body into shape for the rest of the summer.”

Paddy Hassall, creative director is a realist. He acknowledges the demands that come with his job, but in combination with his technical expertise, drive, passion and appetite to expand his arsenal as a videographer he has led Enamoured Iris towards the trail-blazing ethos that defines them.

“The exciting part of being within the music industry is that there is a lot of creative scope,” he says. “Our projects emulate the sort of people that we are, and that really comes through in the videos that we create. There is a lot of scope to be as creative as you want to be and to experiment a lot with the content.

“We are on the precipice of starting video trends and exploring new ways of projecting the moving image. We are all born film makers. We’re all a group of cinephiles that came into music festival marketing. The freedom in the creative process is the reason we keep involved in the industry, it’s really creatively nourishing.”

In conjunction with the physical demands of festival video work lies the strain of creating content that audiences can engage with. “All the content and all of the comments are visible to us, so whether the audience likes the content or not, we’re gonna find out pretty fucking quickly.”

This means that Enamoured Iris have had to maintain adaptability as well as optimal efficiency. An efficiency that means every moment in a video needs to be treated as valuably as the next.

“The whole attention span thing is a pretty boring topic,” he says. “But I think that what people want is fast, entertaining content, and we’re now having to work through that being the main challenge. To tell a story, by pulling everything together in 10 seconds, five seconds, or even in three seconds.”

Despite the ongoing temporal compromises, Paddy and his team at Enamoured Iris are ensuring that storytelling is continually evolving and acting as the anchor for their videos.

“Our brand is centered around pushing the evolution of storytelling in whatever medium we create. But we’re also having to steer around this one very important objective, which is maintaining the attention of everyone that we’re creating content for.”

Teetering on the brink of expanding their understanding and practice is paramount for what Enamoured Iris do and despite the complexities, this can be narrowed down to establishing an environment in their office that fosters growth and development.

“We integrate technology and new editing techniques,” he says. “But through preparing for ensuring we stay ahead of the game we treat our office like an incubator. On a weekly basis, all of us, but specifically the postproduction team, are working on new ideas and experimenting with new effects so that when it comes to filming and editing, we can implement them.”

For Enamoured Iris though, everything comes back to the creativity that innately exists in their approach. “Creativity is at the forefront of everything that we do. It’s creative first. It’s also about just having conversations with people. It’s exactly like jamming, you are experimenting with a concept and new ideas, just like jamming, putting notes in front of you and seeing which ones work and which don’t.”

Enamoured Iris have another strenuous and creative season ahead of them, but we can all expect experimentation to be the final result.

Watch AAA: Festival Pass and follow them on IG to keep up with the incredible content above. To learn more, visit the Enamoured Iris website here.

This article was made in partnership with Enamoured Iris.