Yanomamo : Neither Man Nor Beast

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Yanomamo : Neither Man Nor Beast


Straight up, Neither Man Nor Beast is no-nonsense, doom-riddled-sludge… or sludge-riddled-doom? Either way, it’s gritty, noisy and uncompromising. Pretty singing has no business here. Vocalist Scott Tabone gargles gravel for breakfast and spits sonic hellfire throughout. His guttural screech locks horns with the mammoth riffs of Jason Higson and thunderous drumming of Jack Thomas as they lumber through ‘Blood Red, Black God’.

Elsewhere,‘Death Whistle Blues’ knicks a riff from Mastodon’s ‘Iron Tusk’ while ‘10,000 Hooves’ is a certified war cry with added groove. The weed-bleached title track is the pick of the bunch though, emerging from psychedelic plumes and hazy feedback, the eight-minute LP closer rides a bulky riff into the abyss.

This is ugly music for ugly people. This album kicks like a mule while rejoicing in its own snotty imperfections. Soaked in feedback and brine, Neither Man Nor Beast deserves to be cranked to 11.