Go-Go Sapien

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Go-Go Sapien


Who are we chatting to and what do you do in the band? Will Hindmarsh – vocalist, keysman and special guitar boy.

For the uninitiated, describe your sound? Psychedelic, cosmically inclined pop/rock with lots of mood changes. Loads of synth, guitar and vocal effects and harmonies. Some of our lyrical concepts might make your ears say “whaaaaaaaaaa?” and do a double take.

What was your main inspiration for the album? We wanted to make an album that was a lot of fun to listen to. We took a lot of disparate influences ranging from lush orchestral ‘60s pop ballads to cheesy, ‘90s R&B, psych rock, modern synth-pop, freaked out nursery rhymes, chamber pop, and electronica. The challenge was making it hang together as a cohesive album.

What do you hope listeners will take away from the record? That their minds will be blown and that they will experience sonic bliss. It’d be pretty great if they were inclined to shake their arses too.

What do you love about making music? Writing and recording songs is a pretty great, zen experience. Making something out of nothing can make you feel mystic. The camaraderie of getting stuff together with other musicians, and the shared experience of playing live to an audience is very special too.

What can a punter expect from your live show? A mind-blowing spectacle with finely-honed tunes. Many costume changes, lights, projections. Expect the unexpected. We’ve been practising long and hard for this show, and we’re ready.