Woollen Kits @ Grace Darling

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Woollen Kits @ Grace Darling


The rest of the world need to start listening: Woollen Kits are one of the best bands nobody’s ever heard of. With their self-titled debut out on R.I.P Society Records, these are the types of dudes who could go far internationally. They could easily hob-nob with constant purveyors cool such as Goner or Hozac Records and do, because they’re just that adaptable. It’s hard to imagine these guys doing anything but rolling out of bed, scratching their heads a little and stepping onto whatever stage has been set for them.

A few months back, when the band playing a packed John Curtin Bandroom to celebrate the launch of their LP and the hype machine was working overtime, the band rose to the occasion. On Friday, playing in a considerably smaller room, the local three-piece still showed effortless ability while working through their set. The band hasn’t improved technically as musicians per se in the last few months, but with tunes as catchy and harmless as theirs, you wouldn’t really expect them too.

Modern garage rock being insanely derivative of its predecessors, there’s certainly room for Woollen Kits in the rest of the world. Out Of Whack contains just enough spunk to become that kind of underground hit. You’d think they’d be up for the challenge, but to watch them roll through their set, surrounded by friends, one gets the feeling that Woollen Kits are content to be where they are right now.


LOVED: The house-party feel of the whole thing.
HATED: Missing UV Race.
DRANK: A few beers in an alley.