What’s on Melbourne: Best events on Saturday 4 December 2021

What’s on Melbourne: Best events on Saturday 4 December 2021

What's on Melbourne

Today we’re having a look at what's on Melbourne on Saturday 4 December, 2021.

What’s on in Melbourne tonight? We’ve got heaps of live music, a festival kicking off and some great comedy happening on Saturday December 4.

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What’s on Melbourne: Saturday December 4 2021


If you haven’t heard of Witchskull before, then you’re in for a treat. They are one of Australia’s best underground metal bands that are quickly getting bigger in the scene.

This appearance marks only the second time they’ve graced a stage in Melbourne, so make sure you catch it, you’ll be seeing history being made.

The group have described their music as a mix of New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Doom, which sounds like an intriguing contrast indeed – it’s probably why they were awarded ‘Best Live Band in the ACT’ at the National Live Music Awards back in 2020.

Catch them now before they’re playing Rod Laver Arena, their 2015 album The Vast Electric Dark…  is getting much more attention out there – it speeding up the Doom Charts, them getting attention from New York producers who want to work with them, and even getting released through American label STB.

They’re playing at The Bendigo hotel and will be supported by fellow mammoth performers Burn. The. Hostages, and WASP. Grab your tickets here.

Comedy Republic Main Stage

The Comedy Republic stage is one of Melbourne’s freshest venues, and now that they are allowed at full capacity for the first time, they’re putting on some pretty massive shows.

Their frequent Main Stage show has garnered a lot of attention each and every week, it constantly selling out after big names often appear at it. Each week, fans are able to catch comedians they know and love, coupled with up and comers you are bound to see on your TV one day.

Each Main Stage show is usually the same, it’s 90 minutes, with a break in the middle, and each comedian has a short set, usually culminating in a bigger comedian at the end – which is what has been promoted for this show, there will be a Secret Special guest in attendance, so you have to go.

On top of this secret guest, the show also includes Alex Ward, Blake Freeman, Lewis Garnham, Urvi Majumdar and Zack Dyer

Grab your tickets for the Comedy Republic Main Stage show here and check out what else is on here.

Peninsula Music Festival

Festivals are well and truly back! Making its way to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, the aptly titled Peninsula Music festival is a family friendly event bringing some of the biggest names in music to the stage.

This’ll be artists such as Taxiride, Dragon, Choirboys, Boom Crash Opera, and being headlined by Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour, and his backing band The Undertow.

With music for everyone, it’s a great event to take your family too, there’s a heap of food and drink trucks, so there’s something for everyone, and Seymour’s set is only meant to end at 940 too, so you’ll be sure it can still be an early night.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, for only $280, which is the price for a number of other festivals out there, you can get treated with the VIP experience, which includes access to a VIP viewing section, with seating and shade. Free food all day, exclusive wine and beer, plus more which you can check out here.

Otherwise, tickets range from around $90 for adults and $49 for kids – a bargain for the massive names you’ll be seeing.

Its happening at The Briars all day Saturday, and there’s a number of options detailed here about best ways to head to there from Melbourne. Grab your tickets here too.

James Reyne – The Boys Light Up

Perhaps best known as the frontman for mammoth Aussie group Australian Crawl, James Reyne has had a strong solo career with songs like ‘House of Cards’, ‘One More River’ and ‘Motors Too Fast’.

Catching him like on December 4, you’re bound to hear some of his amazing solo work, but this tour, called The Boys Light Up, is named after one of Australian Crawl’s hit albums, which recently celebrated its 40-year anniversary.

This tour will see Reyne play many of the hits from The Boys Light Up, this includes the title track, ‘The Boys Light Up’, also hits like ‘Downhearted’, and ‘Beautiful People’.

The show’s taking place at the Palms at Crown, and he will be supported by Nick Barker.

Tickets here.