What can we expect from King Gizzard’s 17th studio album, ‘L.W.’?

What can we expect from King Gizzard’s 17th studio album, ‘L.W.’?

Image by Jamie Wdziekonski
Words by Tom Parker

In typical KG fashion, news of their new album emerged in the most clandestine way.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard… the warlocks of the music industry… the unflinching, unshakeable vigilantes of regular society… the untamed beasts of the 21st century music consciousness.

If their prolificacy is anything to go by, it appears this six-piece deem normalcy as some sort of curse.

After releasing a bunch of live LPs and their 16th album in November 2020 – along with bootlegger record Teenage Gizzard on Christmas – Stu Mackenzie and his brigade of creative leviathans have said, “Fuck it”, let’s go again.

So, here we are, with renewed knowledge that album 17, L.W., is set to be with us very shortly. In typically clandestine fashion, word of the next LP emerged online, via a vinyl pre-order page from American audio dealers Elusive Disc.

Canada’s Exclaim picked up on the trickery, coming to understand that L.W. will be with us on Friday February 26.

A write-up on Elusive Disc’s pre-order page – one which has since vanished – read, “Serving as both a standalone work and a companion piece to 2020 predecessor K.G.L.W. sees the Melbourne-based innovators produce a truly original album. As the band enter their second decade, the creative future of this most 21st century of outfits only promises to be bolder, madder and more imaginative than ever.”

If that statement is anything to go by, Gizz are no way near done – heck, if 2018, 2019 and 2020 only brought us a handful of records, will 2021 be anything like 2017 – a year where the band dropped five albums?

Will it mark another leap into the stratosphere for the band? Another bodacious jump into territories unknown? Surely, Gizz have reached their crescendo… or have they?

So, what else can be expected from L.W?

Well, it’s set to be ten tracks long, and is expected to have recent single, ‘If Not Now, Then When?’, sitting at the top. Other tracks include ‘O.N.E.’, ‘Static Electricity’, ‘East West Link’, ‘See Me’ and closer, ‘K.G.LW.’.

As for any other hints, well it appears we’re going to have to wait until the February release date. Stay tuned, Gizzlords.

Keep up to date with everything Gizz at their website.

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