Wet Lips rocked the roof off the Gaso with empowering feminist punk

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Wet Lips rocked the roof off the Gaso with empowering feminist punk


Crystal Myth presented punchy, powerful synth-pop to start the night off with a bang. Kappa’s bass tones blended wonderfully with Dana’s intricate synths and beats. With many of the sounds and drums being automated, it might’ve been an even more dynamic performance if felt more in the moment.

Being a delightful yet fierce rap duo, the two princesses of Pillow Pro bounced off of each other with an immaculate chemistry. Despite a few technical errors, the two wordsmiths took control of the stage, spitting out sassy lyrics to uniquely produced tracks. Clothed in matching, homemade outfits, the duo were confident on stage and sang with just as much class as they rapped. Pillow Pro were a very special act that were as distinctive as they were explosive.

Every member of Terrible Truths played their instruments with vigour and passion. The band’s drummer, Joe, thrashed his drumset along to the fast and brash guitar and bass arrangements. Guitar tones found in usually more subtle music sounded perfectly out of place as they united with the complex, mostly clean bass riffs. Band members Rani and Stacey both shared guitar, bass, and vocal duties, and both of them brought their own unique sound.

Wet Lips were truly a force to be reckoned with as their guitarist Grace Kindellan flailed on stage as she played relentless and merciless riffs. Bassist Jenny McKechie, returned the favour with equally as brash, fuzzed-out bass parts.

Having recently launched their self-titled debut record, much of the setlist was comprised of this recent release. Unstoppable songs like Shame truly accelerated at an unrelenting pace as vocalist Kindellan yelled empowering lyrics over cymbal crashes and unremitting snare hits. Can’t Take It Anymore and Period made the crowd thrash around. Wet Lips’ debut record translates beautifully to a live experience and the band really gave their all.

Wet Lips are a ferocious and unstoppable punk band that is truly on their way to greatness.

Highlight: The diversity.

Lowlight: The wait between Terrible Truths and Wet Lips.

Crowd favourite: Set opener Shame really went off with a bang.