Top five support slots with The Mercy Kills

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Top five support slots with The Mercy Kills


The most memorable support was the seven-city tour with Courtney Love in 2014. The CL tour was a huge milestone for the band, we went into it starry-eyed and nervous but were welcomed warmly by guitarist Ginger Wildheart. He gave us advice to ‘not be shit’ as we walked on stage for the first show of the tour. The tour ending with a detailed discussion with Courtney about the sexual habits of koalas.

It was mind blowing to support Killing Joke. They’re such a unique and influential band, we never thought we’d get to see them live. Having tequila shots with KJ guitarist Geordie Walker as Love Like Blood blasted through the speakers was surreal. 

Glen Matlock was a true gentleman. It was so cool to share the stage with a Sex Pistol and hang out for a chat.

The Misfits show at the Corner Hotel was amazing. The energy in the room was palpable and their set never seemed to end.

Meeting The New York Dolls was unforgettable. We ended up spending a lot of time with Sylvain Sylvain and interviewing the band for Australian Musician Magazine. When they launched into Jet Boy for a secret show at Cherry Bar, we thought the roof was going to fly off. Epic.