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Sam Boon Quintet – ‘All In’ (Be_Hear / Now)

The world of jazz is one of music’s biggest. When we think of the genre, towns like New York or New Orleans pop into mind, but back home we’ve seen it grow thanks to the virtuosic work of saxophonist Sam Boon and his talented Quintet. There’s no question that the world of jazz is one of the most contentious, not too dissimilar to perceptions of classical, where many young people are turned off it without even listening to it. It could be said that elitists and older music fans have created a barrier to entry for the genre; meaning that the live jazz music scene here is synonymous with expensive admission charges, seated and suited gigs, full of jazz standards from 100 years ago. With most of experiencing a rowdy gig at a pub, where you’re rubbing shoulders with strangers, singing along, and having the time of your life. This is the kind of scene Sam wants to see jazz join.