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LASHES – ‘Heavenly’ (Be_Hear / Now)

Taking her early love for electronic music Imogen Heap, early Ellie Golding, her practice in learning drums and her fascination with production having studied Audio Engineering after high school, Yohanna Bright crafts vibrant electro-pop power anthems under the sobriquet, LASHES.

Stemming from her highly-commented upon physical attribute – distinctively long eyelashes – and combining it with a feisty attitude, Bright brings the contrast of the dual-meaning to her sound.

The latter half of the wordplay is perhaps the reason for LASHES career to date. LASHES broke into the music scene right on the cusp of lockdown laws overtaking Victoria in early 2020 – a tumultuous time for the music industry.

“The worst time. It was around March last year so I think we were going into a lockdown – it was right when it hit. It’s kind of a little bit ironic because I had been writing and planning for so long that the song I was going to release [‘Treason’] in March, I had recorded in 2018 and was getting everything cohesive and set up to release and go out with a bang and come out really strong and then the lockdown hit and it hasn’t really stopped. I’ve just been releasing songs throughout the lockdowns which wasn’t the plan to begin with but it’s just how it is.”