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Moonlover – ‘Shangri-La’ (Be_Hear / Now)

Back in 2010, Quang Dinh was rocking it until the break of day and until the early dawn in Australian five piece indie band, Little Red. Now that those real good times are gone, Dinh has become a lover of the moon, and solo artist, Moonlover. “I was in an indie rock band called Little Red for half a decade, playing bass, singing harmonies, writing a few tunes. Then I led a band, a darker, more Cohen, Cave-esque, for a number of years and we released an album. That dissolved and then I started on my solo thing as Moonlover. Been doing that since 2017 or so,” Quang Dinh explains. The psychedelic solo project launched with Thou Shall Be Free in 2018, as recorded in Dinhs bedroom/personal oasis Pink Slime Studios in Footscray with the helping hand of John Lee. It sparked a pivotal change in Dinh’s career and exploration into his mad, romantic and dreamy sound.