Video premiere: Pastiche’s ‘Gull: A Motion Picture’ is a kaleidoscopic, groove-filled odyssey

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Video premiere: Pastiche’s ‘Gull: A Motion Picture’ is a kaleidoscopic, groove-filled odyssey

Image by Alex Schoelcher
Words by Arielle Richards

A surreal journey into an introspective abyss.

Meditating on themes of self-worth, acceptance and redemption, Pastiche’s latest video can be described as an ethereal audiovisual experience above all else.

‘Gull: A Motion Picture’ features three commissioned works by Melbourne tattooist Anna May, which were then painstakingly hand painted, scanned and animated over the course of approximately six months by Pastiche member, George Johnson.

The result is a psychedelic journey across several planes of introspection, mirroring the captivating beat and moving lyricism of ‘Gull’ – the opening track of the band’s 2020 EP, Double Happiness.

Born as a lockdown project, Double Happiness explores themes of identity, love and loss. Recorded across home studios and at Melbourne producer Plutonic Lab’s studio, the 20-minute record is an exhilarating journey of highs and lows and is full of emotion.

Started as a solo project by Johnson in 2014, Pastiche has evolved over the years to include Riccardo Rantino on drums and Milo Eastwood on synths and backing vocals. The band members’ deep ties to Melbourne’s pioneering music scene are reflected in the creativity and flair brought to the Pastiche project.

The band are celebrating the release of ‘Gull: A Motion Picture’ at Westgarth’s Low Key bar, on Thursday April 8. The evening will feature showings of Anna May’s works, with Milo Eastwood on the decks. More info on the event here.

Check out the music video below.

‘Gull: A Motion Picture’ is officially out on Wednesday April 7. For more on Pastiche, check out their Bandcamp and Facebook.