Underworld Wrestling returns for a walloping weekend event

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Underworld Wrestling returns for a walloping weekend event

Let’s get ready to rumble.

Following three live shows in 2018, the theatrically thrilling Underworld Wrestling is returning to Melbourne for its Glory to the Claw event, held in a massive mansion in Elwood next month.

Glory to the Claw will be a night full of dramatic (and consensual) violence that honours the independent pro wrestling scene hidden within the elusive corners of Melbourne.

Underworld Wrestling strays away from your usual WWE show by blending wrestling, fighting and live entertainment under a new set of rules and time limits. The wrestling event will also feature a mystery international guest. There’s no word on who it is yet, but event organisers have said they’re a former wrestling world champion. No doubt they’ll show the younger generations of wrestling how it’s done.

Last year’s Underworld Wrestling event was a night to remember. Punters got to witness first-hand the dramatic blows to the head, stylised stunts and creative uses for inanimate objects that make pro wrestling the entertaining art form it is.