Underground Cinema Recruitment Drive

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Underground Cinema Recruitment Drive


Underground Cinema are looking for people to help them put on their film events. There are many volunteer places available, and it’s a great opportunity for you to gain some valuable experience, and join in on the fun!

The sneaky organisation that is Underground Cinema puts on secret film screenings all over Melbourne, in unlikely places such as carparks, abandoned warehouses, churches, hidden bars and forgotten ballrooms.

These nights are usually themed, and require costumes, props, and a sense of the theatrical.

Underground Cinema are now in the midst of their huge annual recruitment drive. Applications for actors closed last week, but there are still many other roles available for you to be involved in.

All roles are volunteer jobs, and they include: Human Resources Manager, PR Assistant, Grants Officer, Advertising Team, Digital PR Manager, Camera Operators, Video Editors, Event Photographers, Lighting/Sound Techs, Set Crew and Costume Manager.

You can apply for any of these positions here.

Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to seeing some brand new faces at their events!