Summer Moreland Photo Competition

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Summer Moreland Photo Competition


Who wouldn’t want to remember their summer forever while becoming a photography star at the same time?

Well here comes your time to shine with the arrival of the Summer Moreland Photography Competition. This comp gives young students the chance to show of their photography skills while also having a good time.

I chatted to the founder of the competition, Carla Gottgens, to suss out this amazing opportunity.

So what exactly is the Summer Moreland Photo Competition?
"It’s a photo competition open to students who live or study in Moreland. Students can enter up to three photographs each and these photos should describe summer."

What do students have to do to enter?
"To enter students have to get on Facebook and go to the Summer Moreland Photo Competition page. They just need to register by writing on the Facebook page.

On February 5 they need to go to Small Block café (130 Lygon St, Brunswick East) between 9am and 5pm drop off their printed photographs. However, the photos have to be unmounted.

We’ll have an exhibition from Thursday, February 10 to Saturday, February 12 from 11am to 6pm. This will be held at the Tinning Street Gallery in Brunswick. Awards will be presented at 3pm on the last day of the exhibition."

Will we be seeing another Moreland Photo Competition?
"I would love this to be an annual event. In future years we’ll try to get an empty warehouse so the exhibition can run for longer."

Why do you think summer is such a great time of the year?
"Throughout the year students might be stressed, but during summer they aren’t worrying about things like school assignments. Everyone lazes around, catches up with friends and goes on holidays."

How have people responded to the competition?
"Everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea. But I’m finding it hard to get through to the teen market. The majority of kids who are interested are primary school students."

What sort of prize does the winner receive?

"There are different prizes that include:
Nikon Australia – a Coolpix camera

Nikon Australia – entry to a Nikon School Digital SLR camera course for beginners

Avant Card – print run of 10,000 postcards of winning entry to be  distributed around cafes in Melbourne

Small Block Cafe – a family breakfast

Deans Art – gift voucher

Savers – gift voucher

Brunswick Bound – gift voucher

Title – gift voucher

Treadlie Magazine – opportunity for a winner to accompany a Treadlie Magazine photographer on a photoshoot, learning how to read and 
respond to a brief and shoot some of the images to go into the mag.

Vanbar Photographic lab – a Kata camera bag."

How did you get all these companies involved?
"I put the word out there and approached them and I think that they saw it as a good opportunity."

How did you come up with the idea for this competition?

"I did a photographic documentary for the Moreland council and got the idea that there are quite a few teenagers that probably want something that they can be a part of. They’re all really quite arty. It really came from that idea of engaging students during summer."

Why do you think that encouraging photography to students is a good idea?
"It gives them a bit of a boost of confidence because it really is a competitive industry."

Do you practice photography yourself?
"Yes, documentary photography and I’ve moved into media-related photography."

What sort of advice would you give to someone younger who’s interested in pursuing photography as a career?
"To approach any print or online publication so you can try to get your work out there. Get a bit of exposure. You should also try and get an internship or a photography course. With this you would learn all the technical aspects of photography."

Entries for the competition close on February 5, and winners will be announced the following week. More info here.