Turnstile : Time And Space

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Turnstile : Time And Space


Let’s get straight into the guts of it: this isn’t my favourite album. It’s not because it’s terrible by any means. In fact, the album is a pretty damn good example of experimentation within the hardcore genre, that moshers should accept with the warmest of embraces. The pace of the music, the ‘90s-sounding high-strung vocals and the instrument work is all awesome, and it’s an enjoyable listen.

The reason why it’s not my favourite, is that it sounds like a relic of the past. For some, that’s a good thing. Nostalgia is what drives the music tastes of some, but a lot of other bands on the block are adopting an evolving approach to their sounds that allows some creative movement (take Hellions for instance), which shows on later album releases. Time and Space here sounds not a song different from Nonstop Feeling (an earlier release), and no matter your connection to Turnstile’s back catalogue, that’s most certainly not a good thing. Music is a living thing; it grows, goes through phases, and comes out different – for better or worse. Time and Space, while sounding awesome, does smell a bit stagnant.