Trentemøller : Late Night Tales

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Trentemøller : Late Night Tales


Late Night Tales conjures up something very David Lynch-esque, as though all the songs were being performed from behind the red curtain and you’re waiting for a deep, dark secret to be divulged. Here it is: none of the tracks included on this CD embrace any type of electronica, if that’s what you were expecting from Mr

Trentemøller . Instead, Late Night Tales delves deep into the melancholic realm. When you add artists to the track list such as Mazzy Star, Nick Cave, the Velvet Underground and the Black Angels, you know you’re in for some psychedelic stuff.

The Mortal Coil’s Wave Becomes Wings kicks off with a haunting prelude to some Cramps-style crooning courtesy of King Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. Extremely emotive, this release takes the listener on a moody, soulful journey through a broad range of indie cult tunes including Chris Isaak’s Blue Hotel , which is covered in this instance by Danish duo Marie Fisker and Steen Jørgense. Late Night Tales is something quite different from the Danish producer, as he dons his curatorial hat, but nonetheless, like everything Anders Trentemøller touches, it’s pure gold.