Architecture In Helsinki : Moment Bends

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Architecture In Helsinki : Moment Bends


The press release for Moment Bends, the newie from AIH, states that this album is the “…first great modernist pop album of the year”. To me it just sounds like someone has time machined back to the 80s with an array of modern day equipment…And don’t get me started on Desert Island’s use of pan pipes. I firmly believe that they belong on folk albums found in op-shops and buskers playing in the Bourke Street Mall. I actually really liked AIH’s first album, it’s just that, well… this one kind of leaves me hanging. It’s definitely got nice bits to it, just as a whole, and I don’t want to get all Gargamel here, I found it kind of lacking substance. But hey, if squeaky clean bubble-gum pop is your thing, you might just as easily dig this?! With that said, Escapee is easily the album’s highlight, it’s catchy as hell and really grows on you like a fungus behind the ears.