Track-by-Track: Time For Dreams give us the rundown on their immersive new remix EP

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Track-by-Track: Time For Dreams give us the rundown on their immersive new remix EP


Dream Kit – ‘Move It’ (Come With Me Remix)

Dream Kit‘s Come With Me remix of ‘Move It’ funks up and clubs up the original. Hand claps, funky bassline, sucky reverse cymbals, classy synth solo — there’s so much added goodness here. The vocals are wound back in from their original saturated floatiness to a much drier, closer, whisper. Listen for the small herd of Cretan goats disappearing over the ridge at the end.

Geryon – ‘Lighthouse’ Remix

This remix by Geryon elevates the energy of the original by 100%, chopping and shifting the vocals into a million new exciting beats and an entirely new cast of characters. Time For Dreams’ original ‘Lighthouse’ is associated with the Mediterranean and this crisp and sparkling remix blows a sea breeze through the mind while evoking the many bright flashes of evil eye mirrors glinting in the sun.

Various Asses – ‘Newscene’ Remix 

Various Asses’ ‘Newscene’ remix layers in a hectic beat without diminishing the original track’s epic sweep or the cold digital wind that blows throughout. Reminiscent of Chicago-style footwork beat, the pulse of the original was verging on comatose, but the Various Asses version throbs and hums with power and precision.

Simon J Karis – ‘Projects’ Remix

This remix of ‘Projects’ is thick with distortion and pounding dance rhythm. It’s the original song heard from the back alley outside the club in the early hours of Monday morning, on the perfect combination of mushrooms, ketamine and chardonnay. The dancefloor sweat starts to dry and stick towards the end of the track and morsels of clarity shine on the fractured remnants of the night. An immersive work from Nice Music label-head Simon J Karis.

Tom Carlyon – ‘The Stranger’ Remix

Time For Dreams‘ multi-instrumentalist Tom Carlyon dives into ‘The Stranger’, subtracting some of the overt gothness of the original while heightening the mystery with multiple vocal entry points. Here, unknown hands hold onto sticks of bamboo, whacking insistently against the doors of the bomb shelter.

Check out Time For Dreams’ live performance of ‘Lighthouse’ from the Triple R Performance Space: