Toro y Moi to play special show in Northcote

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Toro y Moi to play special show in Northcote

Toro y Moi Melbourne

Toro y Moi will play a special Melbourne show at Northcote Theatre on November 23.

US multi-instrumentalist and chillwave pioneer Toro y Moi is coming to Melbourne’s Northcote Theatre on November 23, as part of the ALWAYS LIVE concert series. It will take place the day before he plays John Cain Arena on Thursday 24 November with Channel Tres, Caroline Polachek, Toro y Moi and MAY-A, in support of Flume’s headline Australian tour.

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Often recognised as a spearhead of the 2010s chillwave genre, he’ll play a special show in Northcote. Set to traverse the diverse terrain of indie rock, ambient and techno, the show will be the artist’s first Australian outing since 2012.

People contextualise music on their own terms, often using labels to categorise what’s happening within the world of certain artists. While Toro Y Moi has done well to avoid pigeonholing, it’s not something that has consciously been rejected. “It’s funny when that happens, but it’s hard to do that these days because everyone is influenced by a lot of stuff at the same time,” Chaz told us a while back. “I know people will try to be those labels on artists, but it’s getting harder – who’s to say that artist won’t explore something different.”

Like so many successful acts of the past few years, Toro Y Moi is a solo project at its core, branching out to a full band in the live setting.

“It’s been the case for a long time, but now because of the internet it’s pointed out that it’s one person playing all the music. I feel like it’s definitely a popular trend. When I heard Tame Impala I thought, ‘How did all these guys come together and think of the same exact genre at the same time, playing it all together?’ Then I found out it was one guy and it all made sense. These days it’s common. It’s uncommon to find a band that meshes that well for every member.”

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