Tiny houses might be the solution to affordable home owning

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Tiny houses might be the solution to affordable home owning


It’s a pretty on-trend and Instagram-worthy idea right now, but it might actually be an affordable and practical solution for those of us who want to buy our first home, but don’t have the cash. You’ll also have to be pretty cool with not much living room inside your sweet new pad.

An Australian charity called Kids Under Cover have set up a new business, Nestd, that is selling micro homes from $120,000 upwards. 

Most of these tiny houses fit on 30 square metres, are two stories tall and come with a pretty lovely little deck out the front, as well as all the basic housey stuff: toilet, shower, bathroom and upstairs bedroom. 

You’ll still need to fork out another $50,000 to transport the damn thing, and have some free land to sit it on. This could be the one snag, since buying land, especially in the city, is just as hard as buying it with finished structure attached. But maybe, if you’re willing to live in your parent’s backyard, this won’t be a problem at all. 

Kids Under Cover seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to housing shortages, because they also build small backyard studios in an effort to decrease child homelessness.