Three bands that encapsulate the incredible rise of Greyscale Records

Three bands that encapsulate the incredible rise of Greyscale Records

Photo by Steven Cook
Words by Anna Rose

Ash Hull and Josh Merriel are doing some wonderful things in the heavy music community.

You’ve gotta love a DIY aesthetic in heavy metal – a can-do attitude, an all for one and one for all methodology, not to mention complete free reign on your creative collaborations and content that allows that booming brutality to run free. So where’s a label for such whiz kids when you need one?

If you haven’t already heard of Greyscale Records, listen up. The brainchild of Ash Hull and Josh Merriel, this Melbourne-based company searches for artists who, in their own words, “aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, who believe in their music, and know that hard work pays off.” The bands on the books right now are doing some sensational things, and here’s just a mere tip of the Greyscale iceberg.

Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf are back! With some fresh faces and a brand new EP Fault, vocalist Lochie Keogh and drummer Mitchell Fogarty give Alpha Wolf’s mean metalcore a brand-new depth. So, what have Alpha Wolf done with their new power punch? They’re out on tour right around the world, currently sweeping across Asia and Europe, where they’ll be supporting Never Say Die. They’ll be home sooner than you know, touring the country in support of August Burns Red in October.


Giving the concept of pain a whole new look, Melbourne’s own Gravemind released their debut album Conduit just a couple of weeks ago and are already slated for great things. The album, in the words of vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons, is a form of both release and understanding of the human existence. “I believe we can only ever be responsible for ourselves,” Gillies-Parsons has said.  “No one asked to be born, and we are all the masters of our own universe – however I can’t find love for those who create life, consciously or accidentally, and then falter without recompense.” Heavy stuff. Heavy stuff indeed, and in more ways than one.

The Beautiful Monument

Have you been living under a rock?! Armed with their second album I’m The Reaper, The Beautiful Monument are four women out to conquer the whole world (and can definitely give the boys a run for their money!). Currently out on tour in support of the album with The Comfort and Tapestry, if you miss out on catching the amazing melodies and relentless alt-rock rhythms of these girls, well, sucks to be you.

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