This walking tour explores the most treasured trees of the Royal Botanic Gardens 

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This walking tour explores the most treasured trees of the Royal Botanic Gardens 

national tree day
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To celebrate National Tree Day, the Royal Botanic Gardens is taking guests on a one-of-a-kind wander through the woods.

Take a moment to consider the humble tree. Handsome and stoic, they line our streets and fill our parks, littering us with leaves and quietly cleansing the air we breathe.

On July 30, channel your inner Lorax and take part in National Tree Day. Since 1996, the annual holiday has brought together nature lovers from across the country to learn more about our country’s trees and plant a few as well.

National Tree Day at the Royal Botanic Garden

  • To celebrate the annual holiday, the garden is hosting an Extraordinary Tree Walk
  • They’ll be guiding guests through their most spectacular trees and explaining the stories and history behind them
  • Tickets are on sale now

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This year, to celebrate National Tree Day, the Royal Botanic Garden is hosting the Extraordinary Tree Walk: an hour-and-a-half-long walking tour that shows off some of the finest specimens in the garden’s collection.


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The educated volunteers will share the stories behind the garden’s greats and the tales of the arborists that work so hard to keep them thriving. Full of rare and threatened species, native trees and imported breeds as well, the garden has so much to discover. Some plants are even 400 years old – talk about a rich history.

Those who are interested in getting more involved with National Tree Day are also invited to check out the pop-up planting events that are happening across the country.

Around Melbourne, there will be events held at the Maribyrnong City Council, Birarung Biodiversity and in the City of Yarra where you can put that green thumb to use.

Since National Tree Day began, the Planet Ark organisation behind it has organised the planting of a whopping 26 million trees and seedlings. 300,000 volunteers are expected to join in the effort taking place next month.

Tickets to the Royal Botanic Gardens Extraordinary Tree Walk on July 30 are on sale now. To book in, head here