These seven incredible comedians are ringing in the Lunar New Year in Melbourne

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These seven incredible comedians are ringing in the Lunar New Year in Melbourne

Words by Lesleigh Luiten

This year witness the convergence of comedy and cultural festivities as we celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Throughout Melbourne, international comedians will blend tradition and culture into hilarious performances capturing the spirit of the New Year, celebrating community and merriment that transcends cultural boundaries. Celebrate with laughter with these eight incredible comedians.

Some of the festivities are set to take place at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 27 March – 21 April 2024. The festival is known for showcasing a diverse array of comedic talent and is a highlight of Melbourne’s cultural calendar, offering unparalleled joy and jubilation.

Dr Jason Leong

Dr Jason Leong’s “Why Are You Like This?” is a fusion of wit and insightful observations on human behaviour. The result is an engaging experience with relatable humour. Leong explores cultural nuances, societal absurdities and mixes in a few personal anecdotes along the way. Audiences can expect side splitting humour that proves the universal hilarity of being human – no matter where you are from. This show will leave you asking “why is HE like this?”

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Atsuko Okatsuka

Atsuko Okatsuka’s “Full Grown” is a humorous blend of cultural insights and personal anecdotes. Get to know Okatsuka as she explores her experiences navigating her own identity, family dynamics and social expectations through the use of energetic storytelling and her infectious personality. Audiences can expect a stand out performance that is hilarious and relatable, and offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be an adult. Okatsuka has life figured out, no notes or tweaks needed!

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Jordan Leung

Jordan Leung’s “Low Energy World Tour” offers a uniquely laid-back view on the mundanities of existence. Leung uses deadpan delivery to provide astute observations on every day occurrences and absurdities. His clever wordplay and dry humour transform even the simplest or most mundane of topics into comical moments. Audiences can expect low-energy laughs and the brilliance of Leung who transforms monotony into comedic masterpieces. Also, did we mention his devilish good looks?

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Vivek Mahbubani

Vivek Mahbubani is a multi-talented performer who blends wit, cultural insights and impeccable timing to provide an unforgettable comedic experience.  Mahbubani has found that since he thinks and speaks in both English and Cantonese, his life has gotten more and more weird. Throughout his shows he seamlessly navigates between different languages and cultures to ensure his take on comedy is dynamic and universally appealing. Audiences can expect a laughter-filled journey as he tries to understand his life (in both languages), and explores identity, relationships and daily life.

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Sam See

Sam See’s “And I Can’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore” explores why See left his home country of Singapore to move to London. Witness him questioning why he would choose to live in a place that has made God (and most bank accounts) weep. The show is an insight into the absurdities of life and social commentary infused with side-splitting humour. Audiences can expect to laugh along to the relatability of finding belonging in a chaotic world through the use of clever punchlines, wit and of course the unforgettable charm of Sam See.

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Norah Yang & Men Qiang

The humour doesn’t just begin and end with the festival, either. Venues including The Comedy Republic and The Comic’s Lounge also keeping within the theme of tradition and culture for many more laughs.

Norah Yang & Men Qiang’s show promises to be an entertaining cultural experience. Both performances guarantee a seamless combination of comedy and storytelling. The power of this pairing lies in each performer’s ability to intersect identity, relationships and everyday life in a way that is unique to their own perspectives, creating a unique but also relatable experience. Audiences can expect an engaging night filled with humour and cultural exploration. Audiences will leave the show feeling connected to both performances after gaining insights into their unique perspectives, in the most hilarious of ways.

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Leslie Liao

Leslie Liao is fresh off the success of her hilarious debut special on Netflix late last year, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Liao provides hilarious insight into what it’s like being a single Chinese-American woman living in LA. She brilliantly mixes her observations and anecdotes to craft a performance that resonates with audiences long after the show has ended. Audiences can expect a comedic revelation about life and love.

Just like the rest of us, these comedians are still figuring it out (except Atsuko Okatsuka – she’s the perfect human). Enjoy fresh perspectives on current issues and personal experiences while they attempt to make sense of the world. Laugh with each other, and at yourself while discovering the hard-hitting truths in the most hilarious way.

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