There’s a tea festival happening at this plant-filled bar on the weekend

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There’s a tea festival happening at this plant-filled bar on the weekend

Loop Bar

Offering an alternative to alcohol and caffeine - the Nomad Tea Festival goes down over two days of in person programming this weekend.

The opening night of the tea festival goes down at Yugen Tea Bar, with seven teas on offer to taste alongside the guided expertise of the bar’s tea sommelier. Then, on August 6 there will be a market, workshop and performance dedicated to tea happening all day at Loop Bar in the city. To finish off, there are two days of online industry talks on August 8 and 9, if you just can’t get enough tea.

What you need to know

  • The Nomad Tea Festival has two days of in person programming in Melbourne this year
  • It has a program that begins on Friday August 5 at 9am and finishes on Saturday August 6 at 4pm
  • It’s hosted across two venues, with the opening night happening at Yugen Tea Bar and the second day of festivities going down at Loop Bar in the CBD

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The opening night gala happens at Yugen Tea Bar on Friday August 5 this year, where the organiser of Nomad Tea Festival Soo Chung and Thibaut Chuzeville, the Head Tea Sommelier at Yugen Tea Bar will walk you through an exclusive seven tea tasting course.

On Saturday, August 6, they’re hosting a day of tea workshops and masterclasses. It takes place at Loop Bar in the city, a place that my favourite comedians Sweeney Preston and Ethan Cavanagh lovingly referred to as a fusion of “the plants section at Bunnings and Revs” in their show Presentation Is Everything. 

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