There’s a new month long, state wide music festival happening in November

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There’s a new month long, state wide music festival happening in November

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From intimate blues bands in local pubs to grand-scale orchestral concerts, Good Music Month is set to ignite South Australia.

MusicSA has just announced the launch of Good Music Month, a month-long live music festival that will take place throughout the entire state of South Australia in November.

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Kicking off from where Umbrella Festival left off, Good Music Week is set to bolster live music in the region by providing a platform for artists, venues, and industry professionals.

The festival will not only encompass the greater Adelaide metropolitan area but is also set to pump up the volume in regional venues as well. This initiative will provide opportunities for audience and industry development across the whole state.

Good Music Month aims to establish a national presence in the years ahead and contribute to the growth of interstate tourism focused on the vibrant live music scene in South Australia.

In conjunction with the announcement of Good Music Month, MusicSA has released its 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. This plan outlines MusicSA’s commitment to promoting, supporting, and developing the South Australian contemporary music sector over the next three years.

The strategic plan hones in on several pivotal areas that will shape the future of South Australian music. These areas include advocacy, development, First Nations engagement, regional engagement and development, and sustainability.

With this ambitious and forward-thinking approach, MusicSA is set to ignite a renaissance in the South Australian music scene. By empowering artists and fostering collaboration across the sector, Good Music Month and MusicSA’s strategic plan are set to elevate South Australia’s live music sector to new heights.

Good Music Month is here to bring the magic of live music to every corner of South Australia. Find out more by heading here