There’s a little bit of everything at The Motley Bauhaus this month…we really mean that

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There’s a little bit of everything at The Motley Bauhaus this month…we really mean that

Motley Bauhaus

Come and see what the crue at the Motley Bauhaus have in store for you this July.

The Motley Bauhaus is many things to many people. If you aren’t sure about what it is to you yet, we can give you a few details, and maybe a couple of reasons why you might want to make it a regular visit.

For starters, the Motley has not one, but two stages, with one downstairs for larger stage productions, and one upstairs for smaller-scale shows. Plus, they’ll be opening a third performance space, which will be launching soon.

They’ve got a gallery, two bar spaces, and a whole range of workshops and other community-based events that are always happening. They’re also planning on installing arcade games shortly and will be engaging with up-and-coming game developers to give them a space to showcase their work.

That’s not all that makes the Motley special though. They represent a dying breed, an independently owned space entirely for the purpose of nurturing creativity and artistry, and at the same time fostering a healthier community, across all disciplines. As a symbol of this, they’re set to launch a fundraiser soon to build an elevator in the venue, in order to enhance their accessibility, something they tell us they’re “deeply passionate and excited about”.

So come down! Whether you’re set on learning something, or you just want an easy night out, the Motley is the place for you.

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Thursdays at the Motley

  • Thursdays from July 11
  • Buy tickets here.

The folks at the Motley are shaking things up this July, beginning a bit of a new series, called Thursdays at the Motley. Kicking off on the 11th, the Motley will shapeshift into Carlton’s Troubadour, playing host to an array of world-class musicians, playing all the classics from the 70s and 80s, leaning towards the slickest of the slick in blues, funk, jazz and soul.

Bauhaus Burlesque

  • Friday, July 12th
  • Buy tickets here.

July 12th marks this month’s instalment of Bauhaus Burlesque, a night where the upstairs stage transforms into a hot and steamy cabaret club, plucked straight out of the Weimar Republic in the 20s.  Ready yourselves for a night of debauchery and promiscuity, and experience a masterclass in modern burlesque, where tradition and innovation are embraced. Sexy.

Ronnie Charles

  • Thursday, July 11th
  • w/ Roger McLachlan, John Grant, Gavin Anderson, Tommy McEwan
  • Buy tickets here.

For the first instalment of Thursdays at the Motley, Ronnie Charles of 60s rock royalty is taking over the big stage, with his all-star band in tow. Known for his work with The Groop, Charles has had a storied solo career and is now bringing his soulful stage show right to the Motley for one night only!

Motley Jazz

  • Saturdays
  • Free

Motley Jazz on Saturdays has been a beloved mainstay in the venue for months now and fortunately, its not looking like it’s going to keel over anytime soon. Sit back and relax, as some of the finest jazz cats in the city serenade us down the lazy river of life. Don’t worry though, you won’t actually be getting wet, so grab your coats, snatch your hats, and leave your worries on your doorstep! Life could be so fine, down at the Motley, where things are oh-so divine.

Whiskey’s Gin Rummy

  • Saturdays
  • Free

Right after Motley Jazz, we have the exciting burlesque style game show Whiskey’s Gin Rummy, with each week featuring two new performers and prizes to be won! Gear up for an evening of immaculate lounge vibes and elegance, as host Whisky Falls takes you back in time to the classic era of burlesque.

Motley Openhaus: Poetry Open Mic Night

  • Wednesdays
  • Free

At the Motley Openhaus, every poetry is welcome whether it’s long form, short stories, haikus, spoken word; you name it, they wanna hear it. This inclusive open mic event runs every Wednesday evening with a free entry, so there’s no excuse to roll up to the Motley and get your hearts touched by these beautiful rhymes or be the one to say them!


  • Thursday, July 18
  • w/ Dink
  • Buy tickets here

July 18th will be a night to remember, as jazz fusion ensembles Steppers and Dink descend upon the Motley for one Thursday in July. Prepare to be transported back to a jazz club from the 70s, as some of the best in the business embrace the weird and wonderful fusion scene of the 70s, with a few favourites thrown in to keep things from getting out of hand.

Brass and Beats

  • Saturday, July 27

Brass and Beats is an exploration into the jazz zeitgeist, a space to witness musicians who have all but mastered their craft, given the freedom to express themselves through tune. These cats play at the intersection of Jazz and Hip Hop, breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope to new heights. Each standard, like a high-speed chase, each coy phrase a shout in the dark, every line traded like punches and blows in a boxing match. Exhilarating.

Life Drawing Class

  • Wednesdays
  • Pay as you feel

Motley’s drawing classes are the perfect opportunity for people of all skill levels to learn the basics and make some friends along the way. They are hosted by Jason Cavanagh who is a visual artist, actor, writer and founder of the venue itself. Jason will offer occasional light instruction and activities for anyone who wants to engage, but you are also welcome just to pop your headphones on and do your own thing. Everything is easy and flexible, including the price which is on a pay-as-you-feel basis, whether that’s $1 or $100!


  • Tuesday, July 23 –  Saturday July 27
  • Buy tickets here.

An exploration of what happens when inner-city queer folk have a run-in with a real heart-of-gold Aussie battler. Sit down, order a pint at the bar, and lend your ears to this well-meaning urban philosopher as he spins a legendary yarn. Truly a brilliant piece of satire, the type of show you could bring your dad to.

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