Divine UK duo Living in Shadows return with new album Neon Burning

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Divine UK duo Living in Shadows return with new album Neon Burning


The divine duo of UK's Living in Shadows returns with a new body of work that stirs a melting pot of jazz-rock, progressive-pop rock and grunge influence.

2020 was the last time we heard from Northeast UK outfit, Living In Shadows as they erupted with their self-titled release. Chimes started again in May with Cast Away and Satellites signalling new music and now we know where it leads.

Out now, Living in Shadows have just released their sophomore album Neon Burning; a positively charged diary of experience, endeavours and endings.

Neon Burning Track List

  1. Cast Away
  2. Who Are You?
  3. Silently Dancing
  4. Wide Open Sky
  5. Leaving Light
  6. Satellites
  7. Page By Page
  8. Neon Burning

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The brainchild of Parliamentary Jazz Vocalist of the Year 2019, Zoe Gilby and multi-instrumentalist Andy Champion, Living In Shadows captures their two significant careers in jazz, whilst diving into a pool of progressive sounds; a treatment given to Neon Burning.

A progressive jazz-rock aesthetic encompasses Neon Burning, starting fires of intensity that build through added flavours of 90’s grunge akin to Soundgarden and Nirvana but with an added English edge. It’s clear on tracks like Cast Away which is an empowerment anthem that provokes us to take risks, enjoy challenges and thrive with absolute power behind it and on Who Are You? a story about narcissists underscored by larger-than-life vocals and swirling sonics.

Neon Burning is an album that faces subjects head-on as part of a journey. From the endings to new opportunities to figuring it all out and reconnecting, Neon Burning has a profound depth and a distinct sound. The entire eight tracks enter you into the story and navigate you through the discourse.

With added instrumentation from Mark Williams who plays lead guitar on Who Are You? and Page By Page and acoustic guitar on Leaving Light, and Chris Sharkey providing a stellar guitar solo on Satellites, the second offering from Living In Shadows is truly limitless.

You can listen to Neon Burning by Living In Shadows now here.