The world’s only wrestling comedy game show is coming to Melbourne

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The world’s only wrestling comedy game show is coming to Melbourne

Words by Staff Writer

Move over WrestleMania, it's WrestleBrainia and it's live in Melbourne!

Whether you’re a rusted-on wrestling nerd, a trivia buff, or just a lover of all things comedy, WrestleBrainia combines the worlds of live comedy and sports fandom in a truly unique show that has received acclaim around Australia.

As a result, it attracts the biggest celebrity wrestling fans and wrestlers Australia has to offer – Rove McManus, Robbie Eagles, JXT, Lochy Hendricks, Broden Kelly (Aunty Donna), Gino Gambino (NJPW), Harry Hills (Survivor), Dane Simpson and so many more, with a packed lineup set to take part this year.

In 2024, WrestleBrainia is returning to Melbourne International Comedy Festival and needless to say, the concept and its wonderful reception intrigued us. So we decided, who better to help us dive into the hilarity than its famed organiser and presenter, Geoff Setty…


  • Sun 7 Apr: 5.30pm; Sun 14 Apr: 5.30pm; Sun 21 Apr: 7.30pm
  • The Catfish Bar, 30-32 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
  • Tickets here

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A panel-style trivia show about wrestling sounds like an amazing concept, tell us all about it?

That’s exactly what it is, in fact, WrestleBrainia is the world’s ONLY wrestling comedy game show! Two teams, a babyface team and a heel team, comprised of a team captain, professional wrestler and a comedian, battle for wrestling knowledge supremacy.

Why is wrestling so ripe for comedy?

As much as all wrestling fans love wrestling, we also joke about it amongst ourselves. And, we can admit, wrestling can be a bit silly at times. As wrestling moves more and more into the mainstream, more and more people can enjoy us taking a lighter look at sports entertainment.

Why does the show also appeal to people who don’t watch wrestling?

The show appeals to people who don’t watch or follow wrestling by being an immersive and fun experience, with an audience who are as much a part of the show as those on-stage. Oh, and it’s funny! Very funny.

So, why a wrestling comedy game show in the first place?

While there are a lot of outstanding comedy shows every year, this is different, I looked for something that I love and wanted to see represented on stage. It took a while for the pieces to come together but here it is…. WrestleBrainia. it constantly evolves and changes so is worth checking out every year!”

What’s your funniest or weirdest story from WrestleBrainia’s history?

I think as the show is different each week, the unpredictable nature of the show always comes to the forefront. However, personally, it is wrestling legend Robbie Eagles and Concrete Davidson doing a note-perfect rendition of Arms Wide Open by Creed. Spectacular way to end a fun show!

You must have some fantastic audience reactions?

We have some rather interesting audience members, but our personal favourite happened in Perth earlier this year; Tye, a legend who comes to almost every show, was called up on stage to sub in for wrestler Davis Storm to answer his questions. He basically answered 10/10!

Someone sees WrestleBrainia, then they tell their friend about you… what do they say?

It’s silly, it’s fun and there’s a lot of movement, music and even a bit of wrestling action.

Finally, can you provide a shameless plug to get our audience excited?

WrestleBrainia is the world’s only wrestling comedy game show. I’ll be hosting with team captains Brose Avard and Welchy and our referee Beau Stegman. Every show is different. This year our guests are outstanding, including television’s Dane Simpson, triple j’s Dave Woodhouse and friends from Renegades of Wrestling. Whether you are a die-hard, lapsed or new wrestling fan, don’t miss this year’s edition of WrestleBrainia – the home of sports entertainment’s…entertainment!

Grab tickets here while they last!

This article was made in partnership with WrestleBrania.