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The Vasco Era : The Vasco Era


Hmmm, for the sake of this review… yes) In a day and age where indie rock bands find a blueprint, get some fans and repeat until no one cares anymore, The Vasco Era have released their third Long Player and true to form it is a completely different animal to debut Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside and sophomore release Lucille. There’s something about the word ‘sophomore’ that makes me feel intelligent. I’m not. Promise. Anyway, as I was saying, they are professionals. Here is why: They’re not boring, they have a story – a good story, they completely destroy any barrier between band and fan (literally on some occasions) and their songs are engaging, emotive and seem to grow and twist and turn with each listen. They are unassuming, evocative and accessible. When Sid howls you stop, listen and feel. When Ted jumps into the crowd he is immediately hoisted in the air by adoring fans and When Fitzy stands up in order to get a little more leverage to rain pain on his drums the response from the crowd is nothing short bat shit crazy. Apparently completely at ease with where their musical journey has taken them the new album is an unabashed, onslaught on anything clean and polished. Opener Na Na Na Na sets the scene for its album brethren with a pleasant melody that morphs into a volatile mess of screaming goodness. The lyrically heavy Avatar Blues is a slow burner that rewards any listener that goes the distance and first single Child Bearing Hips is a seething, social commentary about d-bags. However, for this reviewer, it is in the second half of this record that shit stars getting historic. Rock and Roll Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Good is the best song I have heard all year, and it surely must have been in contention for the title of the album. Plus, it references nangs! Politenessman is the winner for me though. It is frenetic and honest. I would love to know exactly what Sid is singing about with lyrics like “But I ain’t now Ray Davies and I know that I never was.” A close second is Not Everyone Is From New York City or Jesus Sandals, or even closer, A Conversation at Revolver. Fuck! This whole record is so damn good. Go and buy it. Now. Go. Now.


Best Track: Politenessman

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In A Word: Farrrrrrrrrrkkkkk