The Substation’s hosting a full-on techno dance exhibit post-RISING

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The Substation’s hosting a full-on techno dance exhibit post-RISING

The Substation

One of the victims of RISING's 2021 cancellation, eclectic performance Yung Lung will finally go down at The Substation in February.

Combing a dance performance, an immersive art installation and a techno party in one, new performance Yung Lung – which was supposed to premiere at RISING last year – takes over Newport’s The Substation from February 1 – 12.

Choreographer Antony Hamilton’s pulsating techno treatise was developed as a panacea to the trauma of the past two years and it sounds hectic: dancers rave on a “monolithic audio-visual podium, possessed and propelled by an extreme barrage of visual content trawled from the depths of the digital universe”.

What you need to know

  • Yung Lung is a full-throttle, intentionally overwhelming performance
  • It will be held in the impressive surrounds of The Substation
  • It runs from February 1–12, Tue–Fri 8pm–9pm, Sat 9pm–10pm.

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There are several aspects at play. Dancers from Australian contemporary dance company Chunky Move stomp on a political effigy by artist Callum Morton, representing the two contrasting figures of Karl Marx and Rupert Murdoch. The dancing takes place on and around a massive heads sculpture, which sits in the middle – and is a platform for the dancers. Audiences watch from all around the sculpture, and above the set is a halo of 12 televisions.

The dancers wear colourful club regalia designed by Perks And Mini (P.A.M.), where everything from full garments to fabric off-cuts have been deconstructed and reimagined – with some outfits made entirely of socks – all mutating and adapting to their new purpose.

As audience members move freely around the dancers and effigy, a barrage of online imagery manipulated by music video director Kris Moyes rains down. All the while,  Bosco Shaw’s lighting pulsates to the bass-heavy soundtrack of Melbourne techno experimentalist Chiara Kickdrum.  Other than the screens and soundtrack from Chiara, everything is live.

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