The Skylines Win Beat’s Snowgum Film Comp

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The Skylines Win Beat’s Snowgum Film Comp


Funk superheroes The Skylines have won a free videoclip!

Snowgum Films recently offered a sweet comp to Beat readers: having a track of theirs turned into a fully-produced Snowgum Film music video. We listened to all the tracks and gave the prize to The Skylines for their funktastic groove tune, Skyline Groove.

The Skylines, who come from funky Melbournetown, play music that James Brown would be proud of. They’re regulars at Cherry Bar and they’re all wah-wah guitar, slap bass, e-piano, fast drums and all kinds of wicked.

Skyline Groove could have come straight outta the ’70s – "Get up ya funky people, we on fire", the chorus goes, and a few saxophones don’t go astray there either. It’s so funky you can’t help but jiggle in your work chair.

The rest of the entrants were of a very high quality. It was tough to choose between these guys, DEJA and Graveyard Train, but in the end, the funk had to win out. So addictive and dude, that sax solo melted my brain.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what these guys sound like live, and what their video is going to look like.

If you want to hear the track, here’s their Myspace.

Congrats guys! And thanks to everyone who entered.