The Moo Man

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The Moo Man


The Moo Man is a documentary that follows the day-to-day life of struggling dairy farmer Steve Hook and his herd of cows. It may not sound like a film for the masses or that it could be enjoyed by anyone not in the agriculture business – but this film is an unassuming gem.

The documentary, which was shot over four years on the Hook family farm, quietly observes the goings on of a small family run farm trying to compete against the big supermarkets that dictate and exploit the dairy industry.  Everything about this film is subtle – the soundtrack is purely made up of sweet and simple piano pieces, establishing shots are made up of frosty mornings and sunrises and sunsets over fields filled with black and white cows – thankfully vignette free. This film doesn’t try to be something its not and it flourishes when the camera witnesses quiet, intimate moments between Steve and his beloved creatures.  

The Moo Man is as much about the dwindling future of family farming as it is about a love story between a man and his cows. In a world where the media splash images of animal cruelty and abuse across our newspapers and computers, it is heartening to see such devotion not only to this farmer’s livestock but also to the way of life led by an independent farmer.