‘The Melanin Monologues’ features 100 interviews with people all across the world

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‘The Melanin Monologues’ features 100 interviews with people all across the world

The Melanin Monologues

What’s the central premise of your show?

100 interviews with 100 people from across the world. Five performers, 60 minutes. This show is about secrets, pains, joys, finding your place in the world through struggles of identity. This is the untold stories of the South Asian community.

What does your show say about society today?

Art should be representative, passing the mic to those not given a chance to speak. Art should be accessible. My show is accessible to neurodivergent audiences, is AUSLAN interpreted, and there will be emotional support staff present on the night.

Who absolutely should not come to your show?

I’m pretty keen for my art to be accessible, educational and approachable for all, but if you’re Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, Bill Shorten, Josh Frydenberg, Pauline Hanson, Andrew Bolt, or any of my exes, maybe sit this one out for my sake.

Tell us two truths and one lie.

I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones but I’ve sat on the throne; I used to own 350 pairs of shoes before I realised I had a problem; I just can’t survive without my morning coffee.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you on stage?

This relates more to my debaucherous escapades – I used to frequent the Thursgay stage for ‘Lip Sync for your Pint’ and after competing, someone tried to flirt with me by excitedly telling me I knew their dad. I was so confused.

The Melanin Monologues comes to the Fringe Hub, Trades Hall, on Friday September 13, starting at 6:30pm sharp. Grab your tix via the Fringe website.