The Lonely Kids: Infatuation

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The Lonely Kids: Infatuation


Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if one member from All Our Exes Live In Texas broke off and started a piano-based solo project? Perhaps not, but The Lonely Kids is the answer to that unasked question. Infatuation (And Other Bad Habits) is the first official release from Adelaide-based singer/songwriter Sarah Jane Justice. Under the title of The Lonely Kids, this EP is chock-full of relatable tales of heartbreak and showcases the side of love that can make the best of us act like fools.

The five songs all speak of different ways to deal with a break up. First track No Answer looks at the internal struggle of learning how to move on. Fuel to the Fire takes you on a journey through the mixed emotions that come from having a soulless human punch a hole in your heart. Next up, Habit and Should Have Known Better are both introspective songs racked with self-doubt about the past. The last track is All The Reasons, which focuses on “all the reasons you’re better off now,” providing an uplifting end to a fairly downbeat EP.

Infatuation (And Other Bad Habits) wouldn’t sound out of place in a cosy little coffee shop. If that’s your vibe, give this a spin.