The Iliad and modern conflict: Stanislava Pinchuk’s The Theatre of War premieres at ACMI

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The Iliad and modern conflict: Stanislava Pinchuk’s The Theatre of War premieres at ACMI

The Theatre of War
Video Still: Stanislava Pinchuk
words by staff writer

ACMI is set to showcase the world premiere of The Theatre of War, a new video work by the acclaimed Australian-Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist Stanislava Pinchuk.

It may seem unlikely that something written in 8th century BC would have much relevance today. But as the acclaimed filmmaker Stanislava Pinchuk explores in her latest work, The Theatre of War, some narratives are destined to repeat.

Set across three channels, The Theatre of War examines Homer’s great war poem The Iliad and its profound relevance in contemporary conflicts. The video work will be shown for the first time ever at ACMI on February 19, 2024 and will run until June 9 2024.

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The Theatre of War unfolds through three distinct locations: a theatre employed for cultural events during the siege of Sarajevo, a contemporary training base for Ukrainian soldiers in the UK, and the tomb of Homer on the Greek island of Ios.

Each setting provides a unique backdrop for the three performances of the opening lines from The Iliad, skillfully capturing the essence of the exhibition’s title.

The video work is situated nine years into the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, mirroring the epic poem’s ‘in media res’ commencement during the Trojan War.

Stanislava Pinchuk, originally from Ukraine, educated in Melbourne and currently residing in Sarajevo, emerges as an artist deeply immersed in exploring the shifting landscapes of war and conflict zones.

Her multidisciplinary approach, spanning drawing, installation, tattooing, film and sculpture, unveils the intricate interplay between landscape, memory and the socio-political impact of historical events.

“It has been exhilarating, and terrifying to make my first film: a love letter to Homer. But above all, I am so deeply grateful to have received such trust in the work, into which I have been able to pour my grief, rage, sorrow and hope all alike,” says the filmmaker.

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