THE GAZE’s sophomore EP ‘lighter’ is an experimental dark-pop triumph

THE GAZE’s sophomore EP ‘lighter’ is an experimental dark-pop triumph

Across four tracks, THE GAZE examines the highs and lows of existing in the world today.

The collaborative music project of singer-songwriter Sam Cremean, THE GAZE, returns with his sophomore EP titled lighter.

The new release comes on the back of his acclaimed 2019 debut EP Sociable which earnt THE GAZE slots at festivals and clubs across Australia, including Midsumma Carnival, Gay Times and HONCHO DISKO, as well as international jaunts in Japan and Tokyo.

Across four tracks, lighter sees Cremean delving into his personal story of overcoming mental health issues. Opening with the meditative ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, featuring Jay Millionaires, it’s an introspective journey of highs, lows and everything in between.

If I could love myself right now, I would,” muses THE GAZE on ‘too honest’ featuring NIK NAVY, exploring the intricacies of self-love and anxiety while the penultimate ‘distracted’ is an upbeat earworm which reaffirms that sometimes, the only answer is to put your problems aside and get stoned out of your mind.

Closer and title track ‘lighter’, featuring Yes / No / Maybe, rounds out the EP with an exclamation point, introducing moody synths with fast-paced vocals. While, sonically, it’s the darkest track on the EP, the message is of hope and finding peace.

‘I’m feeling lighter than before,” it exclaims, offering hope that your darkest moments are always temporary.

Marrying club beats with self-analysing, pensive lyrics about navigating the modern world as someone who thinks and cares too much, lighter is a collection of dancefloor-worthy tracks that dig beyond the surface level to connect and resonate with the listener.

Listen to lighter below.

For more from THE GAZE, head to his website or Spotify

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