The Dead Love : The Dead Love

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The Dead Love : The Dead Love


This Sydney based three-piece borrow fairly heavily from their obvious heroes Nirvana, in their unashamedly grungy sound. But it’s a strong influence as opposed to being a direct copy, and this EP is a rollicking good time.

One of the things that sets these guys apart from the pack as far as the ‘grunge revival’ movement is concerned, is the fact that they bring the fun to the grunge. You can see the band members having an absolute ball writing and recording these tunes, rather than standing around acting morose and frowning at each other. And it shows out in the lyrics (which are, for the most part, about drinking, smoking and partying), and the general energy and exuberance of their delivery. ‘Party Grunge’, you might call it. You can see a sweaty pub full of punters going absolutely off to these songs too.

It’s not to say these guys aren’t very serious about what they do at the same time. There is some serious songcraft going on here, and the musicianship and production qualities are pretty top notch as well. These guys aren’t mucking around while they’re having their fun.

The Dead Love have come up with an enjoyable and varied collection of tunes on this EP. Bring on a full length album.


Best track: Anathamatize

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In a word: Fun