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What’s your name/your bands name and where did it originate from?

“Siobhan. Singer/songwriter so I suppose I originated in my room just playing guitar and putting together songsstarting at the age of 13. I started gigging in Melbourne at open mic nights and that’s how I got involved with Melting Pot which went on to organise and put together larger live shows at many of the well respected music venues throughout Melbourne.”

What words would best describe your sound?

“My songs are very lyrically, captivating yet easy to listen to. It’s a mix between your Angus and Julia Stone along with Tristan Prettyman and Sarah Blasko.”

What genre of music do you think you fit into?


What was the first song you ever wrote and who/what inspired it?

“My very very first song was about Easter eggs. I wrote it when I was about 10 years old so I guess the topic of song came from being so young and not having much else to write about haha.”

Have you had a ‘most memorable’ stage moment?

“One of the most memorable stage moments for me was last year when I played at the Corner Hotel. I remember being completely blown away by merely standing on the same stage that many of artists I admire had done so before me. The Corner Hotel has such a rich history and it was so special just to be a part of it.”

To you, what is music all about?

“Music is a language, a feeling and an expression. I love the way lyrics fit to the rhythm of the beat. To me, the most important thing about music is the way it is a personal experience no matter how popular the song. It can evoke feelings that would otherwise be dormant.”

Where can we next catch you performing?

Playing on Friday July 15 at Vibe on Smith Street for Songwriters in the Round, Melting Pot and then on Wednesday August 24 at The Evelyn Hotel.”

Where can we hear your creations?