The huge success of The Boite’s ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ series is proof that versatility pays dividends

The huge success of The Boite’s ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ series is proof that versatility pays dividends

Chuei Yoshikawa
Words by Tom Parker

When the crisis hit, The Boite made a swift adjustment, now they’re reaping the rewards.

The Boite hasn’t earned its reputation as Victoria’s most celebrated multicultural music organisation for nothing. For over 40 years, the organisation has moved with the times – shifting and adjusting to a constantly active creative landscape.

Then in March The Boite took another step into the abyss, introducing their ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ series which converted many of their upcoming gigs online into a live stream format as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. As gigs were being cancelled worldwide, The Boite quickly brainstormed ways in which they could adjust and remain malleable to what was happening around them.

It’s been 15 weeks since The Boite announced ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ and it’s been a revelation to say the least. Presenting 18 shows online, 11 of which were ticketed, The Boite has also hosted 30 online choir rehearsals and produced video content for primary school teachers.

The series has garnered 35,000 views online and has supported 65 artists and 15 audio and video techs giving them paid work when opportunities were lost elsewhere.

Renowned violinist and industry chameleon, Xani Kolac, spoke of the series’ importance before she performed as part of The Boite’s Song Appetit series. While other prominent voices have sung its praises, resonating with ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’, a progressive title that gives artists confidence that they can continue creating when all hope seemed lost.

For everyone within The Boite’s inner sanctum and to the artists and industry professionals who have been welcomed inside, it’s been a learning curve that’s for sure but one that has provided the organisation tools they never thought they needed.

Now, it’s onwards and upwards.

Find out more about The Boite’s ‘Adapt, Not Cancel’ series here and see what events they have coming up here.

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