The best bottle shops in Melbourne

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The best bottle shops in Melbourne

Melbourne bottle shops
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Fancy funky local brews, lip-smacking Japanese whiskey or a bottle of red from the Turkish countryside? These Melbourne bottle shops have what you need.

It’s officially that time of year when the weather is warm, parties are happening, and the weekends are busy with BYO picnics and dinner parties. So it’s as good a time as any to get out of your comfort zone and try something a little bit different when it comes to beer, wine, premixes, or whatever else you are into when it comes to alcohol.

Melbourne’s never been a stranger to getting specific with our shops. No matter what you’re into, there’s bound to be a seller somewhere across Melbourne. In the world of bottle shops, the state is jam-packed with almost too many cool spots that offer customers a bunch of rare beers, international wines, and heaps of premixes you probably haven’t heard of before.

The best bottle shops in Melbourne

  • Melbourners are spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious drinks
  • If you’re looking for niche wines, craft beer or rare spirits, these are the places for you
  • This list is a deep dive into the best places across the city to pick up a bottle

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Sure, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, First Choice and Liquorland are great, but there are so many other great bottle-o’s out there to discover. Today we’re travelling around our great state into most of the best bottle shops across Melbourne for wines from global regions, local and international craft brews, and everything else in the alcohol world that’s a little bit different and original.

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Prince Wine Store

First coming to life back in 1997, Prince Wine Store is one of the most popular wine sellers across the state. Co-owners Michael McNamara and Alex Wilcock focus on finding the rarest wines from all corners of the earth. There’s a lot to dive into at the Prince Wine Store, but a few of the most interesting items include a $35 Crissante Alessandria Rosato from Italy, a SC Pannell Koomilya Gt Block, and plenty more.

McCoppins: Fitzroy

  • Address: Multiple locations
  • What can you buy here?: Mainly wine, but liquor too

McCoppins has been part of the Melbourne wine culture since 1978. Since then, it’s opened spots all across the state, offering many lesser-known varieties of alcoholic grape juice and pairing foods. Its main, and perhaps most popular spot can be found in Fitzroy, but McCoppins are also in Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, and Hawthorn East.

City Wine Shop


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There aren’t too many places out there that are adept in both fresh meals and wine selling, but City Wine Shop manages to do both perfectly. It offers tasty meals that go with wine, these include oysters, steak tartare, lamb shoulder, and plenty more. There are a number of affordable wines available, but the $820 2018 Grand Cru and $360 Brian Hirst Decanter are both worth mentioning if you really want to take your love of wine to the next level. One of the top Melbourne bottle shops to sip, snack and relax. 

Bijou Bottle Store & Bar

Bijou mixes the best of wineries with the best of Melbourne bottle shops. While you’re here, enjoy a glass of wine, then pick up a bottle or two on the way out. Bijou’s staff do an awesome job in helping you out if you’re not too sure what wine to have.

Cellar and Co

If you thought the world of wine was fancy enough, when it’s mixed with our fanciest casino, Cellar and Co becomes the top spot for all wine aficionados out there. It offers boutique wine and spirits; you may find drops that you’ve never heard of before. The expert team behind Cellar and Co will also be there to help you find your next favourite.  

The Melbourne Wine Store

Melbourne’s clearly adept at making sure there’s something for everyone when it comes to alcohol. The Melbourne Wine Store has scoured Australia and acquired mouth-watering varieties of red, rose and much more. 

Atlas Vinifera


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You can get a taste of the world’s wines in Richmond at Atlas Vinifera. It has managed to source a few of the nicest drops from the best regions across the globe. Atlas Vinifera also has an online store, but we recommend visiting in real life so you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the space and even check out rare exclusive bottles. 

Samuel Pepys


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One of the newest spots on this list, Samuel Pepys first came to life in North Melbourne back in 2017. It is focused on providing its loyal customers with booze that maybe can’t be found in your bottle shop down the road. Like all good independent shops out there, Samuel Pepys has a subscription service, called the Bomba Booze Club, where the best of Spanish wine will be delivered to your house. 

Seddon Wine Store


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It may seem a little bit far away from the city, but the Seddon Wine Store is a shop all alcohol fans need to visit. It has got an interesting way to bring wine to customers, ensuring that “nothing hits our shelves unless it’s come through our weekly tasting panel”. So you’ll know that everything you spend your money on here has been enjoyed by experts in the field. 


A Point of Difference Liquor

Now it’s time to dive into the bottle-o’s for all the beer drinkers out there. A Point of Difference Liquor offers something a little bit left field and not too common in the world of beer. It’s got stouts from eastern European countries, IPA’s from Australia, and plenty more, making it one of the best Melbourne bottle shops for trying something new. 



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As the name suggests, Beermash amalgamates many of the top beers from all across the globe but mainly focuses on local brews. It also has fun events that will help you appreciate the lesser-known beers out there. In terms of their offerings, the coolest tinnies available at Beermash include a Honey and Chamomile Saison, Spiced Navel Orange Ale, and even a shiraz-inspired ale. 

Purvis Beer


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When you walk through the  Purvis doors, it’s like you’re heading into another world. The vibrant colours of the hundreds of brews lighten up the walls – if you’re a sucker for a well-designed can, you’ll definitely leave here with a box or two of craft brews.  Purvis Beer also has a Purvis Dozen, almost like a bit of a mystery box, where the team chuck in a selection of their best brews. You can even let them know what you’re into so they can tailor it to your tastes. 

Carwyn Cellars


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A staple of the Thornbury beer scene, Carwyn Cellars has quickly become one of the most beloved Melbourne bottle shops. Since their inception back in 07’, they’ve opened a bar next door where they often throw beer-related events. Their killer website also features a ‘Drink Selector’ if you’re one of those people who spend hours in a bottle-o not knowing what to buy. More info on the drink selector can be found here

Far Side Beers


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Don’t think that specialty beer shops are limited to the city suburbs. You can get all your craft brew needs down in Hawthorn. There are many independent craft beers available, from brewers like Akasha, 3 Ravens, Banks Brewing, and many more. If you’re a beer lover too, Far Side often hosts events for the love of it. Keep an eye on their socials for any future event announcements. 

Blackhearts and Sparrows

There are a few Blackhearts and Sparrows across Melbourne, so there’s no doubt you’ve come across one in your travels. This spot is focused on offering customers lesser-known brews and wines. Notable mentions include a Valfaccenda Vindabeive Rosso and a Maretti Barolo, two wines you really can’t find anywhere else. Other Blackhearts and Sparrows can be found in Windsor, Fitzroy, Cremorne and in the city. 


The Wigs


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  • Address: Online store only
  • What can you buy here?: A bit of everything

The Wigs is by far the oldest spot on this list, first established back in 1892. But today it is getting with the times, now only operating as an online store. On the website, find affordable wines of all different types, lesser-known liquors from places like Mexico, and even interesting flavoured spirits, like a chocolate gin. All the fun of a brick-and-mortar shop isn’t lost, though, because The Wigs holds regular online tastings

Mr West Bar and Bottle Shop

The Mr West Bar and Bottle Shop brings a bunch of the best lesser-known alcohols to Melburnians. It’s got a vast range of beers, from Belgian to Wheat and everything in between. Mr West Bar also has a Good Booze Project, where you can subscribe to tasty drinks delivered to your door on a regular basis. If you’re trying to cut back, Mr West also has a vast range of non-alc drinks too!

Burwood Cellars


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For another venture into the suburbs of Melbourne, look no further than Burwood Cellars. This spot often holds tasting events where you can meet like-minded people and bond over craft brews, rare wines, and lots more. Thursdays mark Wine tastings, and Fridays mark beer tastings – check out more info on that here. Highlighted items include a NV Charles Lafitte Brut Prestige, a 1999 Craig Avon Cabernet, and tasty St Andrews brews.

Matthews Liquor

  • Address: Multiple locations
  • What can you buy here?: Everything

Matthews Liquor is another spot with a few locations across Melbourne; to name a few, it has stores in St Albans and Moonee Ponds. They are very much a classic bottle-o, but often have a few extra bottles of whatever you’re into and often at a cheaper price than alternative shops.

Grape and Grain Liquor Store


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As the name suggests, this spot mainly focuses on all things in the wine world, but it slings rare and craft brews that are worth trying. If you don’t feel like filling up your basket and leaving during a visit here, stop into their onsite bar and try a bunch of drinks and take your time at the Grape and Grain liquor store. Their onsite tap also regularly changes to showcase the best in local beer makers, you may just find your new top brew. 


The Whisky Boutique


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If you’re a whisky drinker, this is one of the Melbourne bottle shops you need to try right now. The Whisky Boutique only has space for around 12 people or so and the team really focuses on providing a stellar experience and making sure you enjoy every sip of the amber spirit. If you find your new favourite, you can buy a bottle or two to take home too.

For alcohol delivery instead, try one of Melbourne’s best local services by visiting the MR SIPPY website here