The Bendigo Hotel has launched a petition to save live music venues

The Bendigo Hotel has launched a petition to save live music venues

Stop our live music scene from shutting down for good.

Live music venues have felt the full force of restrictions on indoor gatherings and shutdowns introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus and, now, The Bendigo Hotel is asking for a lifeline.

The Collingwood home of hard rock, punk and metal has launched a petition to the Victorian State Government to help live music venues survive the shutdown.

With new restrictions causing Victorian pubs and clubs to close their doors indefinitely as of 12pm yesterday, several beloved venues are left uncertain if they’ll be able to reopen once the restrictions are lifted.

“We have to make sure there’s a lifeline so venues (and Melbourne) can open again when the worst has passed, which may be months away,” said the owner of the Bendigo Hotel, Guy Palermo in a statement.

“Music venues might be able to weather the storm for a few weeks but many if not most venues will close in the coming months, never to open again.”

The petition asks that the Victorian State Government help live music venues find alternative uses for their spaces during the shutdown and provide funding to keep venues operating, as well as pausing fees and creating sustainable plans to ensure the continuation of leases.

Sign the petition here