‘The Auslan Movement’ offers an insightful window into Deaf Culture

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‘The Auslan Movement’ offers an insightful window into Deaf Culture

The Auslan Movement

What’s the central premise of your show?

The Auslan Movement is part of a critical mass response to the world in both social and cultural ways. It provides an opportunity to interact with a Deaf artist in a unique way.

What does your show say about society today?

That awareness for the Deaf is still lagging and many people still don’t understand what it is like for us to live in an inaccessible world. They say the world is for everyone, but in reality, it isn’t really. Also our Deaf Culture is relatively unknown still and this show aims to give people a new perspective and idea of our Deaf Culture and aims to mix hearing and deaf groups together in an interactive performance. 

If your show was a flavour, what would it be and why?

Salted caramel! And the proper caramel taste kind, not artificial – genuine deliciousness to get excited about.

Who absolutely should not come to your show?

Not sure… Maybe people who try to control a show or patronise the Deaf need not apply!

What motivated you to get involved with Melbourne Fringe in the first place?

The collective connectedness with other artists and a new experience for me. I was urged and encouraged to join in, so here I am. I won’t lie, I am nervous. It is my first time performing and it is a weird unique performance.

The Auslan Movement comes to Brunswick Mechanics Institute from Thursday September 12 to Saturday September 14. It’s free but you can reserve your ticket via the Fringe website.