The best street art in Melbourne

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The best street art in Melbourne

No matter if you're a Melbourne local or visiting from another city – there is no excuse not to check the abundance of street art around.

Colourful and innovative artwork is in high abundance as you travel down each of these tucked away laneways. Book this in for your weekend adventures and ensure your camera is in working order.

1. Hosier Lane, CBD

The bluestone-cobbled lane that is iconic of Hosier Lane is located on the southern edge of the central city grid. Sitting opposite to Federation Square on Flinders Street, this place is no secret and often at the top of Melbourne to do lists.

2. Artists Lane, Windsor

Also known as aerosol alley, it was founded in 2012 when Fletcher Andersen from Invurt, accompanied by Wayne Tindall, organised Melbourne’s finest street artists to transform a bleak and smelly laneway into one of the most thriving meccas of street art in Melbourne. Local artists have all had their hand in spilling paint on these walls, as it resides behind Mr.Miyagi and the iconic Chapel Street.

3. Rose Street, Fitzroy

Less known than the others, this Garden of Eden that resides in Fitzroy is an untouched gem. Home to the Rose Street Artist Market, this street is filled with incredible street art. This street is home to the bustling Grace café that is drenched in art, and is accompanied by a multi-level car park bounded by incredible pieces. It’s one of the most incredible streets that you’d want to take a friend to.

4. Union Lane, CBD

Enter a world of graffiti and street art that no virtual reality or image can ever show you. This laneway is off Bourke Street and also known as the Bourke Street Mall in the CBD. The walls are absolutely covered in street art with not a single patch left blank.

5. Chapel Street, Fitzroy

This street is home to the iconic gallery Juddy Roller and features a plethora of incredible street art. In fact, artists travel across the seas to paint on these industrial, brick layered walls. With an outdoor bar and big murals on this street, it’s easy to spend a few hours here, just taking it all in.